cooking light.

…I’ve tried to make eating healthy a way of life, but honestly, my cooking isn’t always in line with that goal. lately it seems to be a lot of baking – a mix of “healthy” and “yummmm, that’s delicious” (and it should be because there’s a LOT of butter in it!)

really, it seems like it’s a lot easier not to cook. I can just cut up vegetables or make a salad or a wrap. but when the weather turns chilly like it has this week, I feel the urge to cook – to turn on the stove and the oven, to stir, to smell cooking, and to eat something hot. sara’s birthday dinner was a great segue into fall cooking…and last night I transformed the leftovers into real food.

yes, I cooked!

the chicken became chicken broccoli casserole.

I used this recipe, except*

the butternut squash became a salad.

I used this recipe for the dressing, but omitted the shallots
I tossed the (leftover) roasted squash with toasted walnuts and served alongside mixed baby greens, tossed with the dressing and just a few tablespoons of grated parmesan (no cranberries!)

and marc and I sat at the table – with a glass of pinot noir that the wine lady at whole foods said was delicious (and she was right!) – and ate. and talked. it was wonderful.

that’s my plate in front…with the bread 🙂

I said it to marc last night, but I want to say it again to all of you who will hold me accountable! – it wasn’t hard and I need to do it more often!

*here’s what I changed for the casserole:
1. steamed three heads of broccoli in the microwave and then chopped very coarsely;
2. added a scant 1/2 c low-fat mayonnaise plus a scant 1/2 c fat-free greek yogurt (less mayonnaise and greek yogurt substituted for the sour cream);
3. omitted the worcestershire sauce (because I forgot it!);
4. 1/2 c grated parmesan, all added to the casserole (none on top); and
5. added more pepper, more salt and about another 1/4 tsp nutmeg to the dish before I baked it. (I wonder if this would’ve been necessary if I would’ve remembered to add the worcestershire?)

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  1. Yum, yum! What time is dinner? The casserole dish sounds very tasty…think I might try with turkey leftovers, too. Really like the sound of the squash salad. Thanks for sharing.Cheers~

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