Making in 2021.

Still looking back at 2021 … this time the things I made. For the first year since 2017, all of my FOs were made from yarn, over 18,000 yards of it! that tiny type at the lower left says 18,820 yards in 22 projects: 8-1/2 pairs of socks (4-1/2 were gifts), two baby gifts, one cowl, one prayer shawl (gifted to a confirmand last spring – this was the only project I crocheted), and twelve sweaters (one of which – Noten – lower left – I accidentally felted and gave away to my petite friend Lauren).  You can see the … Continue reading Making in 2021.

On the Needles.

Hello friends and happy Wednesday! It’s been a while since I paused mid-week to share an update on my knitting – wanna see? First up, the project that has seen no action since November 7 – yep, Shifty. (Ravelry link)I got the second sleeve started that Sunday and then set it aside for a project that required a lot less focus (not gonna lie, all those ends – and that’s just the body – there are even more on the sleeves! … aren’t that exciting either). That would be Caramel (Ravelry link). Inches of 2×2 ribbing with a whole lot … Continue reading On the Needles.

In Process.

This marks the almost-end of the first month in a very long time that I didn’t make a list of things I wanted to accomplish. I did have weekly to-do lists to be sure the must-do’s got done, but that was about it. So I have things in Process now. A healthy stack of books (plus one on my Kindle – Goodreads link here)I never intended to finish Middlemarch this month (that won’t come til January), but I thought I might finish the other three. Of course the one on my Kindle (Peter Swanson’s Eight Perfect Murders) wasn’t even on … Continue reading In Process.

FO Friday | Donner.

Happy Friday, friends! I’m delighted to be wearing that second black sweater I cast on in a flurry of optimism after finishing Classic Black last month … for the second time! It debuted on Monday, just in time for a “Katie photoshoot” (she and the boys came over for lunch). Her finished photos are still my favorite … she gets photos and knitting! Black is really hard to “get right”, and you’ll see in the photos that it goes from very dark (like above) to almost a washed out grayIt’s all the same sweater, and it’s a true black in real … Continue reading FO Friday | Donner.

Friday Already?

Hello friends and happy Friday – oh boy, this week has made me extra happy that there are FIVE Fridays in October! and thanks to my daily photos I do have some idea what happened in this week that feels like a minute and a month (I’m sure you know what I mean 😉 ) I haven’t walked to the lake since Saturday.  I’m wondering if these trees are now showing signs of fall … I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s walk to see. I had a good hair day on Monday 🙂 and a final try-on for Donner. It’s now … Continue reading Friday Already?

TGIF | Mid-September.

It’s been a while since I paused on a Friday afternoon to share a post through the TGIF lens … I’ve been thinking all day about the T-G-I-F and this afternoon it all came together. The title says “Mid-September”, but this is really “September 17”. Thinking about … stories. I keep seeing a theme in the books I’m reading this year about who tells the stories and the stories they (get to) choose to tell. memory. power. privilege. history. I’ve come to a whole new appreciation for memoir and unreliable narrators. My church has been hosting a seminar on “Story … Continue reading TGIF | Mid-September.

FO Friday | Classic Black.

Hello friends and Happy Friday. I finished a sweater this week, a sweater that’s a blend of wool, silk and mohair with a mock turtleneck. It was feels like 56 degrees this morning. and surely that means today was meant for an FO post! Here’s my Classic Black, styled pretty much the way I plan to wear it this fall and winter (maybe with boots come winter?)The pattern is Espace Tricot’s The Classic (Ravelry link) and I followed it exactly (I even got gauge on the first try with a size 6 needle!) except for shortening the sleeves by about 2″ … Continue reading FO Friday | Classic Black.

Same Old Stuff.

Wow. It’s Tuesday. again. funny how that happens every single week, isn’t it? you’d think that posting just twice a week would give me plenty of stuff to write about. sometimes it does … and sometimes, all I’ve got is the same old stuff. Since I last shared my knitting, I’ve made noticeable progress on The Classic (ravelry link)The body is slightly cropped, so I’m about 2/3 through … with a lot more twisted rib – this time knit flat – to finish. (and then sleeves – you can get some idea of how much knitting is left by how … Continue reading Same Old Stuff.

Five on Friday | Distractions.

First up, thank y’all for your kind comments about my new views. I am really enjoying the study – the new layout seems to make room bigger (which also seems to give all my creative “stuff” more room to spread out) and I think I’m pretty committed to looking up at a blank wall – and the new bench. I also cast on The Classic yesterday and am almost halfway through 4″ of twisted rib on size 5 16″ needles. I knew this beginning wasn’t going to be the fun part of the project, still … I’m gonna power through it … Continue reading Five on Friday | Distractions.