birthday dinner part 2.

…it’s hard to believe it was just a week ago that sara was home for her birthday and we made that delicious dinner. it’s also hard to believe I still don’t have a photo of sara wearing the scarf I knit her, but that’s a different story 🙂 tonight it was about delivering the two gifts that didn’t arrive on time (free shipping is great…you get what you pay for – but as long as it gives me an excuse to see her, I’m not complaining!)…and pizza.

yes pizza. at varasano’s. thin crust (famous crust) and delicious.

of course I started with wine. that crios de susana balbo malbec. it was good. and just what I needed after the 90 minute drive downtown (yikes! even on a holiday, friday traffic was awful).

we shared the antipasta and caesar salad to start.

and then had two pizzas. this is the nana’s house special. sara liked it best.

the photo of the fontina mushroom didn’t turn out. but that pizza was my favorite (and I’m looking forward to the leftovers I now have in my refrigerator).

sadly, the dessert menu didn’t excite and the coffee was a bit blah.

but we got a good photo before we left.
dinner at varasano's
and I got to see a few more smiles when sara opened her gifts.

extended birthdays are good!

4 thoughts on “birthday dinner part 2.

  1. Indeed they – extended birthday celebrations – are! The pizza looks good; a thin crust is my fav. Great photo of you two. Enjoy 'all' the memories it evokes.Cheers~

  2. I believe in extending birthdays as long as possible and your second dinner sounds perfect. It's nice that she's close enough to get together easily like this. Hannah is too far away to meet up just for dinner.

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