Looking Back | December.

“Stars are made of dust and nitrogen; they are balls of gas and hydrogen. But that isn’t what a star is; it’s only what it is made of.” ~Patti Callahan, Once Upon a Wardrobe Happy sigh. It’s time to Finish (2021) Regular! First up in the finishing queue is wrapping up December – daily photos first and then books and reading. and finally, one last post to look back at a year of making. A Gratitude List: twinkle lights. knitting. seeing family more than once. selfies with my sister. books (and more books). amaryllis blooms. and even seeing a peek … Continue reading Looking Back | December.

Looking Back | November.

“…photography: the paying of attention, the capturing of time.” ~ Lauren Groff, Arcadia I usually think of October as our month of crisp, blue skies, and this year, November was the real star. We had the most glorious fall I can remember. It was another month of staying close to home, save the gathering at Katie’s on the 6th to celebrate fall birthdays, and a trip into town on the 18th that afforded that gorgeous cityscape sunset. We had our first freeze and my tires didn’t like the cold one bit – the tire pressure warning light came on the … Continue reading Looking Back | November.

Looking Back | October.

“To tell the story of one’s own life is to change that life, as telling is an action that can revise one’s relationship to the past.” ~Tiya Miles, All That She Carried: The Journey of Ashley’s Sack, a Black Family Keepsake Wow, October was apparently a month of mostly books, knitting, and walks in the neighborhood. I also remember a lot of rain, but these photos remind me that we also had days full of blue skies. We stayed close to home this month. I do have a regular Monday lunch date at my mom’s (which I need to document), … Continue reading Looking Back | October.

Looking Back | September.

“Life has a way of talking to the future. It’s called memory.” ~Richard Powers, The Overstory I love looking back through the lens of these daily photos … this practice of capturing one memory for each day, then combining them with a few words … it’s the story of my life, one month at a time. Morning walks, the first boy birthday of the season, knitting (one sweater finished, one started, and one baby dress … that will be finished this month), books (so many books – more on that story later this week), way more sunshine than I recall, … Continue reading Looking Back | September.

Looking Back | August.

“Time is behaving strangely. Sometimes an afternoon goes on for days and then a whole week will disappear altogether and I’ll find it’s Friday again …” ~Mary Lawson, A Town Called Solace Looking back at these photos I have a hard time even remembering that first week of August … my last matching book/manicure (I’m giving my nails some needed R&R and anticipate resuming the polish routine next week), Tosca in HD on the 4th was a real treat! And then … a lot of sticking close to home. Morning walks with a new place to pause by the lake … Continue reading Looking Back | August.