Small Good Stuff.

Thank you for all your kind and understanding comments on my last post. I spent the weekend on a much-needed break from most of the internet and felt ready to engage – at least a bit! – in things again this morning. For the first week in a LONG time, I have lots of empty space on my calendar and a few projects that will require me to dig in and get something done. It feels sort of ‘on brand’ for me, and I can’t even tell you how good that feels. One of the things I was looking forward … Continue reading Small Good Stuff.

July Weekending.

Hello friends and Happy Monday! I’m glad to share a few bits and pieces from the weekend. Turns out it delicious, fun and inspiring! The delicious part wasn’t all that unusual. We started with Friday Night Snacks, of course.Marc made the pimiento cheese top center and yummm…. Saturday lunch I shared with Katie. She’d visited the farmers’ market for the tarts and fruit and tossed a lovely arugula salad to accompany. As wonderful as the meal was, uninterrupted one-on-one time to catch up was the best treat. Saturday dinner was Marc’s treat for me leaving the house before 8am.I’m sorry … Continue reading July Weekending.

Early February Weekending.

Unlike many of our retired empty nester friends (or our favorite Dowager), weekends are still a big deal for us. We make definite plans for Friday and Saturday night meals (usually not featuring leftovers) and TV watching. Marc typically plays golf on Saturday and Sunday, which means we don’t walk together and I have My Time. Then we’ll spend late Saturday and Sunday afternoons together, catching up and watching sports (aka “knitting”). It’s a really nice mix of together and alone time. and I always look forward to it. The Winter Months are a challenge. because golf doesn’t always happen. … Continue reading Early February Weekending.

Paris Is Always a Good Idea.

When we were first planning Lydia’s 50th birthday party, my brother suggested “French” as a possible theme. Lydia has always been a Francophile – me too! – and it sounded like fun. Then my mom and I found these cocktail napkins and it all just fell into place from there. Turns out Paris is the perfect jumping off point for all sorts of Good (Party) Ideas: Plates, napkins and centerpiece featuring a smartly dressed woman walking her poodle by the Eiffel Tower (Lydia’s standard poodle Sophie is black, but she definitely sports pink bows! – that’s her on the banner of … Continue reading Paris Is Always a Good Idea.