Currents | Fifty-nine.

Happy Wednesday friends, and Happy Birthday to me! Today I’m celebrating fifty-nine years … and the first day of my 60th trip around the sun. I love the birthday tradition I started last year, to pause and reflect on what is right now. First, though, a shoutout to the background in this photo. We had a prayer service at church this morning and I had time after to walk the labyrinth out back, notice these camellias, and pause for a photo. I don’t know who decided that chrysanthemum should be the birthday flower for November, because camellias are certainly prettier, … Continue reading Currents | Fifty-nine.

Currents | September 2021.

Well, these last few days flew by. Here’s a brief glimpse of what that looked like though my iPhone camera and here’s the longer story through another Currents update. Celebrating SEVEN!! with Charlie and his family and friends this past weekend. (also Saying Thank You we live close enough to be there in person for a two-hour party). Laughing About how fun it is to have a September birthday at the pool! Our girls had November and January birthdays … we bowled, we skated, we dressed up for Halloween, we never once dreamed of swimming! Embracing this last stretch of … Continue reading Currents | September 2021.

Currents | August 2021.

Hello friends, it’s been a stormy day outside (thanks to Tropical Storm Fred) … which means plenty of quiet alone (with Holly) time inside. And a perfect day to capture a Currents list. Embracing masks. again. I know. Katie was wearing one from Lizzie Fortunato when I saw her Friday. It might be time to up my game to pearls! Laughing About honestly not as much as I’d like. Things seem so much more than fraught right now. but really little things, like how reliably Holly runs to the kitchen when the cutting board hits the counter, still make me/us smile. Wearing OPI’s Malaga … Continue reading Currents | August 2021.

Currents | Fifty-eight.

Happy Tuesday, my friends. and Happy Birthday to me! I’ve been showered with wishes all day and it’s been lovely. as were the back to back FaceTimes with Lauren (the friend who moved to Santa Fe in September) and Sara (the five hour time difference is perfect for an early birthday toast). I have a pile of cards, a long list of emails, and so many text messages. Thank you! I’ve been doing a bit of reflecting these days … as one does … especially as one approaches another milestone birthday … and as much as I wanted to embrace … Continue reading Currents | Fifty-eight.

Currents | Fall 2019.

Happy Friday, friends! I haven’t paused to write about right now since last spring … and since it will be November in a week, I figure today’s the day to capture Fall! Loving this new cozy corner in my study. The chair has been there forever, but we just got the table this weekend; it’s from Rob’s family, and officially only on loan (until someone wants it back). I love that it’s big enough for ALL the things. The window behind the chair faces west, so the afternoon and evening light – especially this time of year – are really nice. … Continue reading Currents | Fall 2019.

Currents | Spring 2019.

Hello Friday … and hello to all of you! Spring arrived in full this week … pollen and all 🙂 and it seems like a perfect opportunity to pause and write about right now. Loving the longer days. That top photo was taken at 8:20pm Wednesday evening. Noticing all the colors – and signs of life – on my walks. The top photo is from my after-small-group walk to the library (see Reading below) and the bottom is from this morning’s outing with Holly. Planning a trip to New York. with Marc!!! in June. Eating breakfast. I missed a day … Continue reading Currents | Spring 2019.

Currents | October.

It’s been way too long since I’ve written a Currents post, but this key (a most-happy surprise from Juliann) has me thinking about all the things I’ve been Saying Yes to lately … and I thought it might be good to write them down: Daily pilates. That Back to the Mat challenge was exactly what I needed to get myself back into a solid daily routine. That routine went out the window over the summer and just when I could’ve started back, I went to Europe for two weeks. I still haven’t regained my roll-up, but I can do a plank … Continue reading Currents | October.