Beginner’s Enthusiasm.

Remember this from Friday? As y’all confirmed, Juliann’s suggestion was just the thing to get me started. Saturday morning, I ironed (and didn’t even mind it) and cut eight 4-1/2″ (ish) squares from each of those fat eighths. Then Saturday afternoon I sewed and ironed some more – for way longer than this little spread might indicate. I spent more time matching up the fabrics, penciling the stitching lines, sewing, and ironing on Tuesday and Wednesday. After yesterday’s session, I realized I’d somehow added one more piece of light and dark, but had forgotten one of my original darks … … Continue reading Beginner’s Enthusiasm.

TGIF | One Without Books.

That’s right y’all … I’m writing a post without any reference to books because I have a book-filled update to share this weekend 🙂 Thinking about … finally starting that half-square triangle quilt … it will be my first attempt at a quilt (well, at one I actually think I might finish!) Grateful to … Juliann for the encouragement and advice. She suggested Red Pepper Quilts’ Retro Half Square Triangle Quilt pattern to begin. It is a very beginner-friendly pattern with lots of photos and techniques. I purchased this fat-eighth bundle (birds! flowers! those colors!) from Fat Quarter Shop back in April … Continue reading TGIF | One Without Books.

Looking Back | August.

Wow, August kind of kicked me in the backside. and again, I’m really grateful for this daily photo habit because otherwise I’d be looking back at a fog of days that ran together spent mostly at home and lonely, combined with seemingly endless heat and humidity (broken by violent thunderstorms that put a shaking Holly into my lap on many evenings), and nights that brought little rest and strange dreams. I am happy to have these 31 images (plus a few more – see below), to add to that story. both are true. and ♄. 1. What am I celebrating? … Continue reading Looking Back | August.

FO Friday | A Whole Outfit!

Woohoo, friends, we’ve made it to weekend SEVEN! and on this sixth Friday staying at home, I have not one, but two finished projects to share. Marc, bless his heart, is trying on the photo front. I do love that these photos show the sweater and the skirt to full advantage. and that he managed to capture me eyes open for a few shots. For sure my eyes were open in those where my back is turned 😉 The sweater is my second Notice (on Ravelry here) – I knit it exactly like the first one. The row gauge on … Continue reading FO Friday | A Whole Outfit!

Three on Thursday | In Progress.

Today was the first day in two weeks that I didn’t have a single “commitment”. no Zoom or FaceTime. no pressing to-do list items. just me and a whole open (free?) column on my calendar. Pre-SAH, I typically had 2-3 days like this each month … and I’d usually spend them “at home”. maybe I’d take a long walk in the park with Lauren, but more likely, I’d dive into a project (Kon Mari-ing with Marc on Feb 11, or photographing a bunch of clothes for StyleBook on Feb 18). Here are three things I dove into today: Thing One. … Continue reading Three on Thursday | In Progress.

Unraveled Wednesday | All the Things.

It’s Wednesday and that means I have an update on the making and the reading, and much gratitude to Kat for hosting this meet-up. On the making front, I have been doing all the things (well, all the things that I know how to do). First, knitting (by far my favorite and for sure my comfort zone). I finished my first Notice (this is a snagged shot from a video Marc took for a church thing) – I am delighted with the fit. which is good because I cast on for another one … this time in pink. (I also … Continue reading Unraveled Wednesday | All the Things.

Me Made May 2019.

Hello friends and Happy Friday! Marc is playing in a golf tournament this weekend and I find myself enjoying an evening at home, by myself. I poured a glass of wine, made some popcorn and sat down to reflect back on Me Made May. Y’all have been so supportive – and helpful! – about my me-made journey … I thought you might enjoy this recap, too. I set myself the goal of wearing something me-made for every day this month – and I did that. and actually – with just a few exceptions – I didn’t feel all that limited … Continue reading Me Made May 2019.


Hello friends and Happy Friday! I wrote a few weeks back about how much I enjoy sitting down late on a Monday afternoon to write a weekending post. Writing a TGIF post late on a Friday afternoon is also a joy … especially when the weather gods have been kind enough to grant Marc an afternoon round of golf and me an afternoon “alone” with my podcasts, my thoughts, my sewing machines … and Holly! Thinking about … my making plans. I know. again. (always.) But #memadeMay is helping me identify what I wear, what I like to wear … … Continue reading TGIF.

TGIF | Hello May.

Hello friends … and Hello May! I so appreciated all the wonderful comments y’all shared on my last post. Thank you! I’m approaching this new month with a “saving my life” mindset and these TGIF posts are one of my favorite ways to frame a list. Three … days into MeMadeMay. I’ve been watching this parade of me-mades on Instagram for several years … and now that I have a few hand sewn items to mix in with the hand knits, I’m ready to play. My “rules” are really loose, but I’d like to wear something me-made for all 31 … Continue reading TGIF | Hello May.