Weekending | 4,184 Words.

One of my daily email newsletters always includes a piece titled “1,000 Words” and it’s a photo without any accompanying text. I can’t quite manage no words, but I can keep them to a minimum. I have exactly five (it took me two tries to get the books) photos in my feed since I posted on Friday afternoon. I do wish I’d taken one Friday evening – it was nice to catch up and we laughed hard – also, we were five because their son surprised his mom and came home for the weekend!! (I was delighted they shared him with us, even for a few hours.) Otherwise:

Bookish haul!

The concert was cancelled last minute – stupid COVID – and honestly, we had so much fun anyway, I didn’t miss it. Also not pictured: an insightful book discussion Saturday afternoon, a stressful two hours hanging four pictures at Sara’s on Sunday morning – her place is really coming together beautifully!, and a lovely almost five mile walk in and around her neighborhood on Sunday afternoon.

Was there a moment you wish you’d captured in a photo this weekend?

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  1. That’s an impressive stack of books 📚 Mary! Sorry that your concert was canceled, but it looks like and sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. That photo of you and the girls just shouts “joy”. I wish I had taken a photo of our fur baby Cody on Sunday. He was running so hard and he was so happy.

  2. What pretty Spring knitting. Our son is visiting and we made a really good vegetarian lasagna. It would have been fun to have a photo of the two of us with the hot dish. However I was just enjoying being in the kitchen with him. It’s been a long time.

  3. What a weekend! I’m glad you had fun even without the concert. It was a beautiful weekend here – lots of outside time playing. But… nearly everyone in the house (except me so far!) is under the weather, so it’s going to be another interesting week around here.

  4. I wish I could have taken a photo of me riding, but not quite there yet! Sorry about the concert, but looks like y’all had a great time anyway xo

  5. Glad you had such a great weekend, Mary. (There are some really good books there in your pile. . . )

  6. I am glad you had a fun weekend! (and I am nodding agreement with Kym… that book pile has some really great books in it!)

  7. Sorry about the concert — but I know the real joy was in spending time with your girls, and that wasn’t cancelled! I took an extra-long walk on Sunday afternoon (7.4 miles!) and wish I could have captured on camera the warmth of the sun and the freshness of the air after days of rain!

  8. Cancelled concert = more time with your daughters and that sounds good to me. I did a pretty good job documenting my weekend although that’s not always the case.

  9. bummer about the concert cancellation hopefully it will happen soon! I am piling up all that I want to read and then trying to figure out how to squeeze it all into my days.

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