Weekending | 4,184 Words.

One of my daily email newsletters always includes a piece titled “1,000 Words” and it’s a photo without any accompanying text. I can’t quite manage no words, but I can keep them to a minimum. I have exactly five (it took me two tries to get the books) photos in my feed since I posted on Friday afternoon. I do wish I’d taken one Friday evening – it was nice to catch up and we laughed hard – also, we were five because their son surprised his mom and came home for the weekend!! (I was delighted they shared him … Continue reading Weekending | 4,184 Words.

Fully Vaccinated Weekending.

Marc and I passed the 14-day mark on Friday (coincident with Sara’s second shot) … I knew this weekend was gonna be different, but in so many ways it was just the same as the last how-many-has-it-been?!Friday night dinner – now cheers with three instead of two (which hit its one-month anniversary on Friday!), a fabulous sunset (so long April), two early morning walks to the lake (this weekend’s weather was amazing) … and one Hello May journaling session. and in between all of that, there was thisSaturday morning pedicure then time with my sister, in person, at her house! … Continue reading Fully Vaccinated Weekending.

Weird Weekending.

Thank you all for your well wishes on our second shots. I am beyond grateful they’re behind us (with a lingering rash – me – and a slight headache – Marc, which might also be allergies) and now I can look forward without any anxiety to mid-May when our whole family will be past that 14-day post-vaccine window. But it was a weird weekend. The power went out JUST as we were leaving for our vaccine appointments. Long story short – some transformer malfunction and it was supposed to be fixed by 8:45 … and ended up being fixed sometime … Continue reading Weird Weekending.

New Year Weekending.

Happy sigh. This last weekend looked a lot like the one before. except without the worry of Sara traveling. We spent New Years Eve at home, with bananagrams, a nice dinner, a little Broadchurch, and in-bed-before-midnight. It can be fun to stay up to greet the year, but I prefer to do it the next morning, in my PJs, with a cup of coffee and my journal. We had a lazy New Years Day (ahem, and this part of the “we” was lazier than most … from my front row at the kitchen counter) full of football, reading, more games, … Continue reading New Year Weekending.

Christmas Weekending.

Hello friends and happy Last Monday of 2020! My Christmas weekend began in the very early hours of Wednesday (the photo on the left was taken – and shared with Sara – at 12:04am), as I followed Sara on her journey from Bristol to Paddington, to Heathrow, to the Delta lounge, and finally … on the plane bound for Atlanta. By the time her flight took off (just before 8:30 am our time), that sock was nearly finished (and I’d ordered yarn to knit that sweater I crushed on last week). Wednesday passed in a flurry of last minute laundry, … Continue reading Christmas Weekending.

December Weekending.

I feel so fortunate that this December weekend really doesn’t look much different than it might’ve in a different year. We were home. I knitted and caught up on the Modern Mrs. Darcy class I missed when the painting happened. That simply perfect white pot is this year’s amaryllis (which my mom delivered to me at our cookie swap on Friday). I took this photo yesterday and that little shoot is already noticeably a little taller. Marc puttered. and made snacks. We watched some college football. and a holiday movie (Marc tells me it was called Last Christmas) that I … Continue reading December Weekending.


Is anyone still marking the days of COVID? I noted days 245 and 246 this weekend. I remember walking with Marc in late April and talking about how things would be better by June, July at the latest. We had no idea. Back in April and May I documented a lot of things. small joys, daily to-do’s, me-mades. and those lists made a difference in the way I saw things. looking for things to be grateful for and things to accomplish, well, it helped. Fast forward six-ish months it all still feels weird. AND I’m enjoying knitting with my sister … Continue reading Weekending.

Mid-October Weekending.

Thanks to Hurricane Delta, our weekend was wet (thankfully just on the outside) and weirdly warm. We enjoyed our usual Friday night dinner (candles, wine, places set at the table, and a meal that requires a knife and fork) a little earlier than usual because Georgia Tech was on at 7pm. The game didn’t start out well and I bailed early for a book in bed. Imagine my surprise when I checked the score on Saturday morning and found out we’d won! I am not a fan of Friday night football games because they can spoil the weekend … well, … Continue reading Mid-October Weekending.

Memorial Day Weekending | 2020.

Hello friends, welcome to a post that feels weird to write, and hopefully, not too weird to read. The photo below is me. Friday morning at 7:10am. voting early in our June 9 primary. at our local library. whoa.Memorial Day Weekend is typically a family gathering time for us. seriously, years. and for a host of reasons I knew this year would be different and hard, but y’all. My Instagram feed has thrown up posts from past years, which mostly made me sad, and geez. Katie kindly shared the playlist she compiled for our time together last year and I’ve … Continue reading Memorial Day Weekending | 2020.