TGIF | Early May.

Hello friends. Hello Friday! A storm blew through late this morning and now it’s windy. I’m trying not to let myself think about the trees that might fall when the wind chimes are playing such a jubilant song. Also:

Thinking about … what book to choose for my neighborhood bookclub. We’re going to be gathering in person again beginning in June and I’ll be hosting in July. The host chooses the book and leads the discussion (and also serves wine and yummy snacks). My next door neighbor is hosting June and selected The Second Mrs. Astor; I’m sure it will be a huge hit (to give you an idea what sorts of books are popular). I want to choose one that’s available from the library and maybe a bit under their radar. Here are my top contenders:

We read Lucy Barton a few years ago and it was a hit – so that’s a big point in favor of Oh William. I read Olympus, Texas with the Novel Pairings crew last summer and loved the discussion. and even without knowing anything about mythology, it’s still a good story. Arsonist’s City and Great Circle could be prize winners by the time we meet … and of course Unsettled Ground was a favorite from last summer. These neighbors like believable plots and characters and for many of the women, this is likely the one book they’ll read that month. Suggestions please?!?

Grateful for … starting to resume a few in-person things (with folks I’m not related to). I met a girlfriend to knit on Wednesday afternoon. We hadn’t seen each other since December; it was so nice to catch up. My women’s circle met at church yesterday morning for our last meeting of the year (we run on a school year calendar) and we shared a potluck meal after. I do love a church potluck! and of course the neighborhood bookclub. This evening, we’re having our neighbors for snacks and wine. They’ll be our first unmasked guests (who we aren’t related to) since 2019.

Inspired by … the just-blooming lilies in our front bed to get a bright pink pedicure.

the polish is OPI’s Madam President. sigh. I guess it was released back in 2016?!

Fun … Katie & Sara are taking me to a concert tomorrow evening, with dinner at Sara’s beforehand. This will be my first opportunity to show my vaccine card! and the concert venue is really close to Sara, so I’ll be back there to spend the night after. When we made the plans, I didn’t realize Sunday was Mother’s Day. It feels even more special to be spending time together this weekend!

Wishing you a lovely weekend, and Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas out there!

13 thoughts on “TGIF | Early May.

  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend full of plans. Can’t go wrong with an Elizabeth Strout book!

  2. As usual, your life is full to the brim. With quality activities.

  3. It does sound like a wonderful weekend. Our family celebrations have been curtailed by an upcoming serious surgery scheduled for next week and breakthrough Covid cases. What a bummer! If you’ve read Lucy Barton, I definitely vote for Oh, William which I thoroughly enjoyed. Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. I absolutely loved Oh William!, so that one has my vote also. I hope you have a lovely weekend, concert, time with your girls, and enjoy all the pink!

  5. If you’re looking for a crowd pleaser with unilateral support I’d go with Oh William. Enjoy your weekend, time with your girls and a sleep over sounds perfect for Mother’s Day!

  6. I’ve read all the books you’re pondering other than Oh William and enjoyed them all, though I’d suggest you not pick Great Circle simply because of the length (and also because we’ve seen just within our Sunday Zoom group how divisive it is!). I hope you and the girls have a wonderful time at the concert. Happy Mother’s Day!

  7. Since the group has the background of Lucy Barton, Oh William! seems the way to go! Sending you wishes for a lovely Mother’s Day and fabulous weekend.

  8. Sounds like a fantastic concert! And what great timing, to spend it with your daughters.
    Of the books you’re considering, I’ve read all but Arsonists’. I’m with Sarah–I would not recommend Great Circle (which I liked A LOT, but I know it’s divisive. And long.) Oh William is an easy YES, because Elizabeth Strout! (And short. And fast. And just wonderful, as she always is.) However–I also loved Olympus, Texas. I think it could make for good conversation and might be a book your readers may not choose otherwise. (Though it’s a bit longer than William.) Can’t wait to hear what you pick! Enjoy your return to gatherings.

  9. I hope your weekend was wonderful!

    (and I am another Oh William vote! What a fantastic book to discuss!)

  10. Hope your weekend was fabulous! I bet that was a fun concert and so nice to spend the time with your girls! Olympus, Texas looks good to me.

  11. It sounds like a lovely weekend, Mary. I hope you enjoyed every moment! (And Oh, William would get my vote, too.)

  12. What a lovely weekend you had planned. It is so nice to be back in person. My local book group is meeting for the first time this coming Friday. I am so looking forward to it. I vote for Elizabeth Strout too.

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