A Quick Hello.

from this morning’s walk

Hello and Happy Friday! If you found this post in your feed reader, something worked right! woo hoo and welcome. and pardon the boxes still stacked up along the walls, and the pieces of packing paper and wadded up tape you see … it’s going to take me a bit longer than I anticipated – I need to paint a few rooms, and maybe find some new places for some of my favorite things. Good thing we have a WINTER event forecast for this weekend. I might have two whole days to play around with it!

Of course I should’ve expected this … and of course I really had no idea what I was in for until I was in for it!

The biggest issue I know right now is that all the links I had in my previous posts to posts here on the blog don’t work. Turns out my rough-and-ready approach to creating those links worked in the old place, but not this one. I’m going to update the posts from last year and the main ones from the last few years to fix the links, and that’s going to take some time. Thank you in advance for your patience and please note that links to other places should be fine.

If you subscribed via email, you need to subscribe again (thankyou!) – there’s a box in the sidebar to your right where you can enter your email address.

Wishing you the best weekend available … and I really (really!) hope to be back in your inbox and feed reader next week.

10 thoughts on “A Quick Hello.

  1. Love the new blog look Mary! I’m thinking about doing the same but moving from blogger to WordPress can be challenging.

  2. Technology is grand until it’s frustrating. Congrats on getting things up and running!

  3. Hello! Things are looking good! I hope you’re able to stay home and safe this weekend (think you might be getting some ice while we’re getting snow?).

  4. Yay, it worked and you’re still in my reader :). I look forward to seeing the efforts of your hard work. I’ve been contemplating a move to WordPress, but it feels very daunting and I fear I may lose a huge amount of stuff …

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