Looking Back | December.

“Stars are made of dust and nitrogen; they are balls of gas and hydrogen. But that isn’t what a star is; it’s only what it is made of.”
~Patti Callahan, Once Upon a Wardrobe

Happy sigh. It’s time to Finish (2021) Regular! First up in the finishing queue is wrapping up December – daily photos first and then books and reading. and finally, one last post to look back at a year of making.

A Gratitude List: twinkle lights. knitting. seeing family more than once. selfies with my sister. books (and more books). amaryllis blooms. and even seeing a peek of spring outside on the day after Christmas! All the makings of a joyous and love-filled season. … which did end up becoming exactly that. and even my mom’s injury (now two weeks ago!) gave us a chance to come together as a family and help each other.

Life Draining: a day in the Emergency Room just after Christmas.

Life Giving: feeling like I had space to enjoy the season. seeing Marc share the blessing to light the Hanukah candles with Sam (the 4th). time with my sister (twice!) and all the one-on-one time I got to spend with my mom.

A (short) Happy List:

  • decaf espresso for afternoon and after dinner lattés.
  • a new milk frother/steamer.
  • watching Amy Schneider play – and win BIG! on – Jeopardy (no spoilers – we haven’t caught up with this week’s episodes)
  • undecorating before New Years (note to my future self – don’t fight it … Marc’s right!)
  • staying in on New Year’s Eve; Marc and I made fancy shrimp nachos for dinner and watched a little Emily in Paris and a little football. Then he went to bed and I welcomed the New Year from my favorite chair, doing two of my favorite things – listening to a book (Ann Patchett’s These Precious Days) and knitting.

What made your December Happy List?

p.s. along with all these finishes, I’m also working on some necessary housekeeping and maintenance here at mere-et-filles (it’s been going on four years since I moved in here and things need some “touching up”) Fingers crossed those plans go smoothly and I should be wrapping up 2021 this week and greeting 2022 with bells on come Monday!

9 thoughts on “Looking Back | December.

  1. A new milk frothier – this was under my tree too so I am back to afternoon matcha. And I can’t wait to see you wearing your Humulus sweater

  2. Just finished These Precious Days. I love her novels, but love her essays even more. I had already read three of the essays prior to this collection, and enjoyed them even more the second time around.

  3. What a month! I’ve been making afternoon lattes and they have been so wonderful, especially on these frigid days!! Can’t wait to get all caught up with you as you finish up your end of year posts 🙂

  4. I’m glad your Mom is doing better, and I love those socks on the 17th and 19th! I love my instant espresso, and I’m going to try Kat’s brewing suggestion soon, but I don’t have a milk frother. Clearly, I’m missing something!

  5. That’s a lovely, restful way to bring in the New Year – reading and knitting … It’s lovely to read how many happy and sparkly moments there were in your December, despite the difficulties and trauma. I’m curious as to what your blog tidying-up might involve, and look forward to seeing the results!

  6. There were so many happy things in your December, Mary (right up until that ER visit at the end . . . ). We have a milk frother. It’s very nice. But we’re also lazy and rarely bother with it. 😛 Mostly, because we each just have 2 cups of coffee first thing in the morning (too groggy for the frothing routine), and . . . that’s it, coffee-wise. XO

  7. So many good things! I love seeing the lights/candles and smiles, and it’s good to hear how much joy you were able to squeeze out of the holidays. I am so thankful we were all able to be together in Florida this year. We didn’t do a whole lot, but for a couple of weeks it felt like we were back in the Before Times, and it was so rejuvenating. And given all the craziness that’s happened since we got back, and I am extra thankful.

  8. This is the second frother mention I’ve seen this week. Must be a clear sign I need one. 🙂 Great post Mary – love the smiles with your sister.

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