Ten on Tuesday (ish) | Welcome to the Neighborhood.

When I first read Carole’s prompt for today – about welcoming someone new to the neighborhood – it sounded easy. But when I put pen to paper this morning to make that list, I got stuck. It feels pretty lame, but all of my ideas are really just variations on these four:

1. Introduce. yourself, other neighbors, your dog, your favorite place to go for coffee. follow-up with a text or email to share your contact information.

2. Invite. make (and keep 🙂 a date for coffee, lunch, a walk in the park. host a neighborhood gathering – coffee or cocktails? – to meet and greet.

3. Include. your new neighbor in anything regular the neighborhood does – ours has a ladies bookclub that meets monthly and all the adults get together for Halloween. Be sure to update neighborhood emails lists, directories, etc. with new contact information.

4. Inform. share recommendations for doctors, hair dressers, dry cleaners, grocery stores, etc. also traffic tips, directions, and anything else that comes up.

Can’t wait to see what ideas y’all have shared. We don’t get new neighbors in our little neighborhood very often (just 17 homes…and none for sale right now!) but I want to be ready when we do!

…and yes it was a Tuesday with Charlie. Today is close to the 16th month anniversary of our weekly dates and to his 20 month birthday. about time, yes?!, that he and Holly became friends!

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7 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday (ish) | Welcome to the Neighborhood.

  1. It looks like Holly has waited patiently for a long time, but I'm glad she finally has a friend in Charlie. She's not even trying to drink from his cup or slurp from his applesauce pouch!

  2. So wonderful that Holly and Charlie are getting to be pals! Your list is a very good one — practical, welcoming, and Just Right. (Our first house was on a parade route — two parades a year — and I really wish somebody had let us know . . . Surprise!)

  3. Good things come to those who wait – Charlie & Holly😀 We have 3 new neighbors coming…first time in about 7 years …your tips will come in handy, no doubt.

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