Ten on the Tenth | Enjoying Fall.

last week’s lake view … those trees are nearly bare now, but wow! Ten on Tuesday is now a monthly thing and I couldn’t be happier today to share my first Ten on the Tenth post about things I’m enjoying this fall. 1. The colors. The trees have put on an amazing show for us this year; it’s nearly over now, but it’s been spectacular. 2. Getting back to knitting wool. I knit a lot of silk, cotton and linen during the warmer months, but my heart belongs to wool. My hands enjoy getting back to it, too. 3. Planning … Continue reading Ten on the Tenth | Enjoying Fall.

Ten on Tuesday | Game Day Favorites.

from October 2009 (!! deep in the archives for sure!) Professional football kicked off this weekend. Carole is a huge Patriots fan and she won’t miss a game. She’ll also enjoy some great food while she watches; this week, she’s asked us to share our game day favorites. Football food around here means “fun” and “easy” (but not necessarily “healthy”). Here are ten of my favorites: 1. Vegetables and dip. That’s homemade spicy peanut dip in the photo above and it’s outstanding. I haven’t made it in a few years, but I need to. (and because I love y’all, I’ve included … Continue reading Ten on Tuesday | Game Day Favorites.

Ten on Tuesday | Labor Day Weekend.

With a nod to Labor Day, today Carole‘s asked us to share about our weekends. Here’s a quick recap of ours. 1. Marc played four days of golf. He also watched more college football games than I can count, plus a little golf and a little tennis. He even handled Saturday and Sunday’s dinners (“football food” at its finest – potato chips and homemade blue cheese dip, deli sandwiches, cole slaw, potato salad…and beer!)  …and now for my part of the weekend 🙂 Monday morning with Becca 2. Four days of golf means a lot of time for “me”. I … Continue reading Ten on Tuesday | Labor Day Weekend.

Ten on Tuesday | Home Sweet Home.

Carole’s back from her two weeks at the Cape and this week, she’s asked us to list things we miss about home when we’re away. Of course it’s a timely topic for me as well – here are ten things I missed last week: 1. early mornings at my desk with my journal. this is always my favorite way to start the day. 2. this spot at the kitchen counter where I spend most of my waking hours when I’m home. (it’s also the spot where I usually read blogs…and I’ve missed reading about what y’all are up to!) 3. … Continue reading Ten on Tuesday | Home Sweet Home.

Ten on Tuesday | M is for …

Today, Carole’s asked us to share ten words that describe us…and they all have to start with the first letter of our first name. How about: 1. married. 2. mother. 3. Marmie. 4. maker. 5. Mozart lover. 6. mathematical. 7. morning person. 8. mostly vegetarian. 9. miniature schnauzer snuggler. 10. motivated. That photo strip to the left was part of my Marmie fun today. my first time using the Pocketbooth app (which I might’ve downloaded from one of Starbucks’ free app deals months ago?) We had a lot of fun with it and hey! – more black and white! Also, when … Continue reading Ten on Tuesday | M is for …