Wednesdays Are for Knitting.

Taking a cue from Carole, I had planned to tell you about my knitting today – the projects in process instead of simply showing up on Fridays to show you what I’ve finished. But turns out those projects need just another day to two to be share-worthy. 

So instead I’ll use two of my regular Wednesday standbys to share a bit more from Friday’s visit to the garden.

Words in the Wild.
And Watercolor.
Katie and I had a hard time identifying this as “oak leaf hydrangea” – I love how the watercolor really makes the oak leaf shape pop!
…and now back to the knitting!

4 thoughts on “Wednesdays Are for Knitting.

  1. Both entries for the day are just perfect; love the oak leaf hydrangea…believe there are some growing at a local Barnes & Noble. Aha! Another "excuse" to go for a "look-see."Cheers~

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