Ten on Tuesday | I feel…

..this week Carole’s invited us to share ten “I feel” statements. Here goes.

I feel…

1. sun on my face… and that makes me feel…

2. oh so ready for spring!

3. thankful I can spend 2+ weeks with my parents

4. a lack of  direction about my one little word. what actions do I want to take this year?

5. like my smile looks brighter with red lip gloss (thank you Bobbi Brown!)

6. like the days are starting to run together. it’s Tuesday, right?!

7. the weight of Holly on my lap.

8. so meh about the last episode of Downton Abbey. I recorded it but don’t know when I’ll watch it. (kind of glad I don’t need to spend emotion here…there…here?!?)

9. sad that I didn’t enjoy more of the Olympics. won’t have that much sports on daytime TV until 2016.

10. a twinge in my right shoulder and wrist that most likely means I’ve been knitting too much. I don’t plan to lay off…

and once more (for Margene),

flowers for my dad (from my family)

what about you? what are you feeling right now?

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8 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday | I feel…

  1. Lovely! (And I didn't even record the season finale of Downton Abbey. I just totally lost that lovin' feeling . . .) I have so much fun with Waterlogue! I could play with it all day. . .

  2. Please enjoy the sunshine for me as well! I'm part way through the Downton episode…sometimes I want to hug Mary and sometimes I just want to yell COME ON! And I'm forever grateful that you introduced me to Waterlogue…so fun!

  3. It's sunny here and it feels SO good. We haven't had the cold the rest of the county has had. Thank you, thank you for the gorgeous yellow water color! It's brightened my day. Please take care of your shoulder. Best to your parents!

  4. losing a tv show is strange, isn't it: "To love a TV show is to know one of two things: Either it will eventually leave you, or you will eventually leave it. There’s no middle ground for the committed. Once you’re in, you’re in, and you’re going to be in until the thing is canceled or until you lose interest because you’ve either figured out all of the show’s tricks or it’s just not the same anymore. That show you loved more than anything? It will eventually feel sort of old and pointless to you after a while, and you’ll have moved on to some new thing that feels fresher but will inevitably disappoint you somewhere down the line. And so it goes. You’ll someday remember that show you loved with such intensity—it will probably be off the air by this point—and you’ll wonder idly why they don’t make ’em like that anymore. The answer is because you’re not who you were anymore, and you can’t fall for a show like that because you’re no longer the same person." –Todd VanDerWerff

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