Water-colored Glasses.

…forget rose-colored! In my life right now, it’s all about water-colored, as in that waterlogue app.

Raindrops on Roses. Friday morning walk.

I’m down visiting my parents in central Florida. This is the kind of trip that’s a lot of sitting in hospitals (my dad had surgery last Friday and we’re hoping he’ll come home this weekend) sprinkled with walking Holly, cooking (my mom is making sure I eat 🙂 and lots and lots of knitting.

Snapdragons at the hospital entrance. My mom says these are winter flowers here. LOVE that!!

Much of this is not great for photos, or blog posts, but it is central Florida in February. Late winter/early spring is beautiful here (especially when I was taking photos of snow at home last week!)

from this morning’s walk.

Also, I’ve loved all your birthday wishes. Thank you! There are still four days left to comment if you’d like to win that skien of yarn.

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  1. I love snapdragons and your waterlogue app sure makes some lovely pictures. I hope your Dad is healing and has a full recovery.

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