TGIF | One Without Books.

That’s right y’all … I’m writing a post without any reference to books because I have a book-filled update to share this weekend 🙂

Thinking about … finally starting that half-square triangle quilt … it will be my first attempt at a quilt (well, at one I actually think I might finish!)

Grateful toJuliann for the encouragement and advice. She suggested Red Pepper Quilts’ Retro Half Square Triangle Quilt pattern to begin. It is a very beginner-friendly pattern with lots of photos and techniques. I purchased this fat-eighth bundle (birds! flowers! those colors!) from Fat Quarter Shop back in April when I was first thinking about those half-square triangles. and then my overthinking self took over … which fabrics should I use? what’s light/dark? do I need those 9-block blocks? how big should I make it? etc. etc. etc. … and I got stuck. On Monday, Juliann got me back on track. She helped me choose 11 darks and 11 lights and told me to Just Cut and Sew. I still haven’t gotten to that part, but I’m closer than I’ve ever been!


Inspired to … start now that the knitting on Dune is done!

Yes! all that’s left to finish this sweater is a few ends, a good blocking (gosh, it needs that!), and then one button, just where the waist-level ribbing starts. I’m really delighted with how this is turning out and LOVE the ribbing and eyelet details. I didn’t even know that the detail featured down the left front was mirrored on the sides and underarms until I separated the sleeves.

Finally feeling … like a new person (or maybe simply like myself again?!)! yep, that long-awaited haircut happened last Friday. I love the new stylist; she cut my hair dry and then washed/diffused. She also recommended a curl-friendly mousse that seems to work at keeping the frizz away. A bit of lipstick and mascara and I’m ready to go!

Here’s to the weekend – wishing you the best one available!

14 thoughts on “TGIF | One Without Books.

  1. I hope you have fun making your quilt! It has been a few years since I’ve made one and my favorite part is making the blocks and seeing how all of the fabrics work together.
    Your hair looks great! About a week ago I had my first haircut in over a year! I was able to grow my hair out and have decided to keep it at about shoulder length.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I am looking forward to seeing some cut fabric soon! Cutting dry hair is definitely a thing for curly styles. How great that you have found a new stylist who understands. Happy Friday!

  3. Your fabric selections are lovely. Sooo looking forward to seeing your pieces come together. Stitch on! And the sweater is lovely, lovely! Sooo looking forward to seeing it on you! Enjoy the weekend and the new haircut! It’s quite becoming.

  4. Great Haircut. I hadn’t gone in 14 months when I went and got all mine cut off. What was the curl friendly mousse? I’ve been trying different things as I just let me hair air dry and it waves.

  5. That sweater is the bomb! What a perfect summer piece. The haircut looks great Mary and those squares…they tempt me so. I’ve never been anywhere close to making a quilt but those “fats” are so lovely to look at!

  6. I guess one effect of talking with blog/Zoom friends so much during the pandemic is that we’re all going to end up taking up each other’s crafts! I’ve certainly been reading books because so many of you have. How long before I also take up quilting? 😉 I do like your fabric choices!

    Would you share what mousse you’re using to keep your curls from frizzing? I have been letting my hair do its thing more and more often, and I’m still searching for the perfect product that helps the curls be defined but doesn’t make my hair hard/crunchy.

  7. I love that sweater! It will be perfect for you! (and I agree with Carolyn… that sweater and pearls are just YOU!) Good luck with your sewing!

  8. Love all these things. The fabric is so pretty, the sweater fabulous, and the hair cut super cute! And I managed to read your blog 2 days after you posted and no back log- so yea us!

  9. I’m not sure when I last read a post from you withoy any books in it, but hooray for quilt fabrics, quilt intentions, and a knitting FO! I’m looking forward to seeing some cutting and sewing in the future!

  10. Oh! Those fabrics!! I’ll bet Dune will be spectacular after blocking, because it’s pretty amazing right now. Lookin’ good, Mary!

  11. I love the details on your new sweater, it’s going to be perfect on you. And your haircut looks terrific! Good luck with the quilt, I know you’ve got the skills you need. Quilting is way easier than making garments, in my opinion.

  12. Your hair looks great. It does feel good to be back to a regular haircut. You have chosen very pretty fabric for the half-square triangles. I’m with Juliann – just cut and sew. Sometimes happy accidents of fabrics next to each other turn out to be the best.

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