May’s Three Things (so far).

With two weeks to go, today seems like a good day to check-in on the three things I listed for May:

Thing One: Celebrate porch time!

Lucy and I have been outside on the screened porch a few times, but today was the first day I actually planned it – and enjoyed it! We spent a lovely hour outside while I ate lunch and read Run (my 5th Ann Patchett novel in this year’s deep dive project … loving it so far). The next few days look perfect for enjoying more of that … and maybe some early morning time, too. Marc’s pots look great, don’t they?

Thing Two: Plan a date to sew with Lydia.
We’ve scheduled the afternoon of June 9. Specific plans still TBD, but having the date on our calendars is the right first step. This morning I took stock of where I’m at … sort of … I found all my supplies, took some photos

and decided to sew up those remaining cut pieces – a little later, I had 42 more half-square triangles!

I’m still in love with the fabrics (whew!). Next I need to square up all those pieces. and then start thinking about how to assemble them. I have no idea how many pieces I have (yep, need to count!), or the size I planned when I ordered those backing/binding fabrics. In any event, I would love to have an assembled quilt top ready for June 9 so Lydia could help me with the whole “sandwich thing”.

Thing Three: Find cushions for the front porch rocking chairs.
I found matching seat and lumbar cushions on-line at Target last week and ordered them. The seat cushions are supposed to arrive today (I was hoping they’d be here by now!) and the lumbar cushions won’t be here until early June. The fabric is a geometric black and white print; we’ll see!

It appears the next two weeks will be full of porch time and sewing … what a lovely way to celebrate May!

13 thoughts on “May’s Three Things (so far).

  1. Porch time sounds (and looks lovely). The fabrics for your quilt are gorgeous Mary! That will be such a beautiful piece when finished.

  2. Yay for porch time and sewing! I love how your half square triangles are turning out and can’t wait to see how you decide to arrange them. The choices are infinite!

  3. Porches of the south are romanticized in my mind as the epitome of summer. We have a patio which is fabulous this time of year as the heat hasn’t settled in. Reading in the afternoon and cocktails in the evening are heavenly.
    Seeing how your pieces fit together will be something to look forward to!

  4. Getting something on the calendar makes it “almost done” in my experience! Glad you and Lydia have a time/date in mind for your sewing. Enjoy your porch time, Mary. (One of the delights of the season.) XO

  5. Yay for porch time!! We’ve finally had a few nice evenings on the pergola… it’s too chilly today, but warmer weather is coming! Have a wonderful weekend, Mary!

  6. Oh, porch time, sounds lovely. Setting aside time to actually be there is even better. What don’t I put more of those experiences into my routine instead of fitting the leisure time activities around everything else? I love working with the classic quilt shapes like half-square triangles. There are so many possibilities.
    Today was a gorgeous May day. Since this week has been so busy, I took a book out on the deck about 4:00 p.m. and read for 35 minutes. It was wonderful.

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