Unraveled Wednesday | All the Things.

It’s Wednesday and that means I have an update on the making and the reading, and much gratitude to Kat for hosting this meet-up.

On the making front, I have been doing all the things (well, all the things that I know how to do).

First, knitting (by far my favorite and for sure my comfort zone).

I finished my first Notice (this is a snagged shot from a video Marc took for a church thing) – I am delighted with the fit.

which is good because I cast on for another one … this time in pink.

(I also have plans for a third, in a bright blue … part of my re-working wardrobe plans for the warmer months.)

Second, sewing (definitely not my comfort zone). These are the only masks I’ve finished so far … with about two days of work.

These are for me (I had pantry deliveries today), my mom and my sister. Next up is Katie’s family and Marc. …and then I might be waiting for the elastic to arrive. The ties are hard to cut, press and sew … and my shoulders and neck still feel the tension even after a full day of rest. I am beyond grateful – and impressed – with everyone who is knocking these out by the dozen (or hundred). (also, I used the NYT pattern, except I made the ties a full inch wide and double-folded like bias tape so they’re 1/4″ finished.)

and third …. yes, I crochet! I decided to jump on the 100 Day Project bandwagon and finish the afghan I started back in 2015.

Present me is very grateful for five years ago me who left good notes when she hibernated the project. (present me also wishes she weren’t three weeks overdue for a pedicure.) Part of the project is to share daily photos on Instagram and I’ll see how that goes. At the very least, I plan weekly shares here on Wednesdays.

So that’s the making. On the reading front, I have two squares on my SAH Book Bingo Card!

As I mentioned last week, my sister and I are merrily making our way through Deanna Raybourn’s Veronica Speedwell series. I finished the second on Saturday and the third this morning. I started the fourth after lunch and look forward to number five. TBD where I put those two, but I know I’ll find a place! I think I might be able to knock out many of these squares with just books for my various bookclubs. …with a few just for fun titles thrown in.

I’ve been delighted with the enthusiasm around this topsy turvy bingo … and can’t wait to see what y’all share!

And speaking of sharing, I am definitely planning to continue our Sunday meet-ups on Zoom (2-3:30pm ET). If you’ve already participated in one, I will email you the meeting details tomorrow. If you haven’t but would like to, please let me know and I’ll add you to the invitee list. I hate that we have to add in the extra steps, but with all that’s going on right now, it seems prudent. (gah! I can’t believe I just used prudent in a blog post)

…and on that topsy turvy note, thank you for reading – and be sure to check out Kat’s link-up to see what everyone else is up to!

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  1. What a darling sweater. I can see why you might be knitting another one or two. Sweaters seem to take me forever to knit. I begin enthusiastically but at some point get distracted by something else. Happy Easter.

  2. P.S. Mask making feels like a chore to me. I tried two different patterns and then finally my sister and I devised one of our own and it fits reasonably well. Now I’m going to make one more for myself and two for my husband. Like you I admire the folks who are churning these out. I’ll have to contribute some other way.

  3. You look great in your new sweater! And go you on the Bingo card already! I’m going to create a card for myself today and see if I can’t find some squares to check off, too.

  4. Your finished Notice looks wonderful on you! I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts about the yarn on Sunday when we Zoom. I’m also enjoying seeing a bigger view of your crochet afghan, as you’ve only been sharing peeks on IG.

    Now to get my bingo card — I’ve been meaning to do it for days!

  5. Your second Notice yarn is a beautiful color and your masks look quite cheery. You’ve made an excellent start on Bingo (and I’m sure you’ll carry it through)!

  6. The sweater is a WINNER, Mary! (And isn’t it wonderful to find a pattern you like so much and fits so perfectly that you can’t wait to knit it again? That pink will be fabulous, too.)

    I switched to making masks with ties instead of elastic (I have plenty of elastic, but I can’t seem to get a good fit with elastic). I just use t-shirt knit (from my large Alabama Chanin stash, but t-shirt knit would work) cut in strips and pulled to roll in on itself. The knit makes comfortable, well-fitting ties — and there is no sewing involved! (If I had to cut and sew fabric-ties, I’d probably stab my eyes out.)

  7. I just gave Ali all of the double-fold bias tape that I’ve had in my stash… she’s making a whole bunch! I’ve made some a have experimented with ties. (Last I checked, elastic won’t be delivered until mid-May or so.) I’ve used fold-over elastic in a couple of ways, but I think my favorite is jersey ropes (aka, yarn). They are made by cutting strips of knit jersey (t-shirts) and then pulling on the ends — the edges curl in and it makes a soft, somewhat elastic rope. I cut my strips about 3/4″ across the grain (or across a t-shirt).

  8. Oh wow! I love that little sweater! It is just perfect! (and I am loving it in that deep navy!!) That pink one will be perfect too.

    I generated my bingo card yesterday and have filled in a few squares already! Thank you, thank you, thank you for setting this up (and for doing it early!!) This is just what I needed! (And, I am getting all fancy and creative on my tracking!)


  9. Love how the Notice turned out! Will check out the NYT mask pattern, the one’s I’ve used so far I don’t think are well written. These have GOT to be easier to make since people are sewing a gazillion of them-right?! Am down to just 1 sweater on the needles now-best get to swatching. . .

  10. The sweater is gorgeous! I may have to invest in that pattern. I was gifted two masks today by the wife of a co-worker and I feel so blessed! And…I got my first Bingo square today…woo hoo! I’d like to be included for Sunday!

  11. love your sweater (top!) and how it fits, I can see why you want to knit a few more in different colors. My reading hasn’t been great (I wonder why…) but I am hoping to carve out an hour in the morning and in the afternoon for some much needed escapism. Let’s see if it works. May you have a blessed Easter weekend!!

  12. Pink?! Can’t wait to see your next Notice finished-my fav color!! I printed my bingo card out on Sunday and usually spend a few days assigning books from my to-read list and other recommendations to all the squares – strangely enough, I’m not feeling like planning that much out right now… however, I do have the 3 Veronica Speedwell books on squares, with one finished so far! Having fun talking with my daughter about her squares too since she’s got a card too. Thank you for putting it together again!!

    1. And I just listened to the recording of the Deanna Raybourn SAH Book Tour discussion – wow – now I like her books even more after meeting her

  13. Your sweater is beautiful! How wonderful to have color sweaters for warmer weather. I like your wardrobe redo idea. I have a Bingo card and have two squares completed with two more in the wings. I’m sticking to my TBR list and will find spots for as many books as I can.

  14. Darling sweater. Thanks for the mask pattern. I am supposedly receiving a package of elastic tomorrow (according to FedX). Happy Easter to all! So thankful for a zoom church service today.

  15. You look wonderful in your sweater – your hair is keeping very nicely in this time of no-hairdressers too! We haven’t been told to wear masks over here but I am feeling it would be useful – will look for a pattern as I don’t have a NYT subscription. Yours look so colourful and pretty!

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