Beginner’s Enthusiasm.

Remember this from Friday?

I’ve come back to this photo MANY times … note 11 darks and 11 lights!

As y’all confirmed, Juliann’s suggestion was just the thing to get me started. Saturday morning, I ironed (and didn’t even mind it) and cut eight 4-1/2″ (ish) squares from each of those fat eighths.

“172 squares!”

Then Saturday afternoon I sewed and ironed some more – for way longer than this little spread might indicate.

I spent more time matching up the fabrics, penciling the stitching lines, sewing, and ironing on Tuesday

and Wednesday.

After yesterday’s session, I realized I’d somehow added one more piece of light and dark, but had forgotten one of my original darks … today I fixed it – and now I’m on track for 192 squares (8 squares each of 12 lights and 12 darks).

I think I can true these squares up to 4″ (for a finished 3-1/2″). My plan is to make the top 12 squares wide and 16 squares tall for an overall 42″x56″ quilt (without counting the binding).

I still have 40 squares to sew, and a whole top to layout and assemble (not to mention all the steps that come after that) … but I’m sure you’re not surprised that I’m already wondering what I might do with the leftover fat eighths!

Beginner’s enthusiasm is good energy for me right now!

Also, I spotted these words on the selvedge edge as I was ironing Saturday morningI knew this fabric collection spoke to me … and now I know why!

Happy Thursday!

13 thoughts on “Beginner’s Enthusiasm.

  1. You’ve gotten a good start and I love that paisley fabric and selvedge! I’ll be looking forward to more progress shots in the future!

  2. Congrats! You are on a roll! Looking forward to seeing the quilt top grow. Stitch on!

  3. I am so excited to see this taking shape! I’m not sure I’m ready to start a quilt just yet, but I have plans to sew that tote bag pattern that Juliann shared with us — a trip to the fabric store is in store for me soon!

  4. Ooo! That is a great (and very energetic start!!) Go you!! I can’ wait to see them all come together!

  5. I LOVE THIS!!!! I can’t wait to get some sewing done, but time for that has eluded me so far this summer… SO.MANY.THINGS.GOING.ON! I love that selvedge, and even more that it’s on a paisley (my fave).

  6. The beautiful fabrics you’re using for this quilt work so well together. This will be fun to watch as you lay it out and share your progess. Love it, Mary!

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