TGIF | Hello August.

I’m home! not necessarily on east coast time, not at all settled, and still – I’m sitting at my desk, seeing the butterfly bush out the window, hearing golf on the TV in the room behind me. home.

That image above is my last one of New Mexico (I had the most fabulous time!) and it feels like the best photo to frame how I’m looking at (the rest of) August. Now it’s a month with only 27 days! Which is mostly YIKES! and also (like I know many of y’all feel) …whew!…

Thinking about … new routines. School starts Monday (!!). Of course our kids are long past that, but our grandsons are starting at a new school (Charlie 2nd grade and Sam kindergarten), and much of the church programming is centered around the school calendar. I’ve always loved that the Jewish calendar resets in the fall, and I’m not quite ready to make August my new January (or September), but I’m … thinking about it!

Grateful for … my old routines. They served me well. I’m still hanging on! I’m ready to save the parts that work for the long term and let go the rest. (I typed that last bit and realized I haven’t really done that letting go part …)

Inspired by … Moms Demand Action and Be SMART to actually figure out how to get involved with an organization committed to common sense guns. I completed the on-line application and will be getting certified to be a presenter. It’s a little scary, but not nearly nearly as scary as kids facing guns.

Fun … I met Katie and her boys for breakfast this morning. What a wonderful way to welcome this month! and the photos!

That’s me and Charlie on the left and Katie, me, and Charlie on the right. Sam took that photo on the right. I love how he captured me and Katie … and my favorite part is how his brother is completely focused on what he’d doing and if you zoom in (you need to click the photo to see this!), his eyelashes are glowing in the sunshine.

We talk about seeing things through a child’s eyes (what do you see?) …

Wishing you an August with new possibilities and new views. and of course, the best weekend available to you!

14 thoughts on “TGIF | Hello August.

  1. Welcome home, Mary! So glad you got to be in New Mexico with someone you love as well as back home with the people you love. Here’s to all the good stuff you have ahead…the training and church groups and reading and more. Riches.

  2. Welcome home! It looks like it was a wonderful trip. And breakfast with those three? Tip! Top!

  3. Welcome home! I’m looking forward to hearing all about your trip. I can’t believe the boys are already starting school — it seems so early! Charlie is also suddenly looking so much older. Why do these kids grow up so quickly?!

  4. Welcome home. Traveling is wonderful but so is coming home. Our oldest grandson starts college classes on Monday. School starts earlier and earlier. Beautiful photos of you and your family. I agree with Juliann. Grown daughters are such a gift. I can also say my grown son is also a gift. So maybe what I should write is grown children are a gift. I am so grateful for the relationship I have with both of them.

  5. I used to give PJ and Andrew a disposable camera so they could take photos of whatever they wanted. Some were really hilarious, still have those photos. Welcome home and hard to believe it’s time for school to start.

  6. Welcome home! So glad to hear you enjoyed your trip. The pictures of you with Katie and her boys are perfection. How wonderful to have such a crew waiting to welcome you back!

  7. Loved the IG “postcards” you sent from your trip, Mary. It looks like you have a wonderful time. I’m so glad you were able to enjoy that special get-away before the crush of the “regular” season begins again. 🙂

  8. Welcome home, I’m glad you had such a great trip! I hope you are able to ease back into your routines with grace.

  9. Welcome home! Can’t wait to hear all about your trip. I’ve often thought that the start of a new year should be in the Fall. Just seems right some how.

  10. Welcome home, Mary! The pictures you shared on IG were beautiful! I look forward to hear more about your trip and I hope you have a relaxing week!

  11. How lovely to see these happy relaxed photos of you all … and to know that your trip was wonderful. Gosh, schools starting already? Here, ours have only just been on holiday for two weeks and don’t return till September. Admiring your commitment to action. Hoping you enjoy easing into new routines :).

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