TGIF | July’s 5th Friday.

YAY it’s Friday … and a 5th Friday feels special. There are four of them this year (the next one is in September) so they’re not rare, but still, why not celebrate!

Thinking about … what to knit next (see below) – I’ve cleared my needles except for Umaro (which I haven’t touched since … May?) and need a project. All this week’s knitting time went into finishing, so I’ve barely started to think about what’s next. Yesterday, I finished a dishcloth and started a new one … I’m sure I’ll come up with a better answer … soon!

Grateful for … time with the boys this week. Yesterday started out much the same as Tuesday – Marc took the boys to the driving range (while I volunteered with the seniors) – but ended with one-on-one time. Sam had a tummy ache and played games with Marc; Charlie and I went to the pool.

We also played HORSE (there’s a basketball net at the other end of the pool and Charlie brought a volleyball) and timed each other holding our breath. One-on-one time is so much fun!

Inspired by … the Booker Long List to shuffle my library holds and place a small order with Blackwells (BW)

Two of those library books are available for pickup tomorrow … and my Blackwells order(s? – it’s three separate packages!) have shipped. August reading plans are shaping up nicely. Note that I don’t have plans yet to read Treacle Walker or Nightcrawling. Yet … the short list is announced September 6 and we’ll see. I’m pleased to see three books I’ve already read – and loved! – on the list. and The Colony, which I read this month, is my favorite so far.

Finished!! … THREE knitting projects (links to Ravelry)!!

It does feel really good to have my needles cleared … and to have all the possibilities for what could be next floating around in my head.

I’m headed to Santa Fe dark early Monday and will be back dark late on Thursday. I’m not sure when I’ll be back here, but I do hope to share at least a few photos on Instagram while I’m away. Until next time, wishing you the best weekend – and the best last few days of July! – possible … and an easy start for August. xxoo.

9 thoughts on “TGIF | July’s 5th Friday.

  1. I see some color themes going on with the knitting. I started a sock and I am thinking, thinking, thinking about a next sweater but I need to inside temperature to be below 80 degrees in the evening before I am willing to sit with wool in my lap. That pool looks divine! And Karen Joy Fowler – might need to look into that book. Have a great trip

  2. I love your Lindy Chain colors in both of your accessories! And your Jiji turned out so lovely – I’m glad you got it finished before your trip. I’m anxiously awaiting my BW order too… I ordered 5 books on Wednesday (one book not on the LL) and only 3 have shipped! But two are preorders for me (Seven Moons and the O’Farrell that’s not on the LL). So much fun!

    I hope you have fun on your trip! I will miss you next week 🙂

  3. I think I am likely to wait for the Booker short list to try to read them, but I do want to read The Colony because of your review (once I can find it!). I am delighted but not surprised that you finished your JiJi well in advance of your trip and am looking forward to talking about what’s next in our Zoom!

  4. Such lovely finishes Mary! Can’t wait to hear all about your Santa Fe trip!! Travel safely and have a grand time.

  5. Some lovely FOs-am swatching for the next warm weather knit, and maybe a 2nd before I switch to cold weather. Have a wonderful time in NW!

  6. Enjoy Sante Fe, one of my favorite places! I have “Trust” in a too high pile of books to read when we return from our trip, and two VERY LONG novels on my Kindle–I’ll be lucky to finish them by the end of the month. Don’t expect much reading time on a tour.

  7. I have been following the Santa Fe photos on Instagram. What a wonderful trip. The FO’s are wonderful. Now and then it is nice to clear off the needles. Good for you.

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