FO Friday | For Renie.

finished – details on Ravelry here

I finished knitting the piece last Tuesday evening. Working a two-stitch i-cord along the two ends was a bit tedious, but it makes a lovely edge. Then it sat on the dress form for a week before I got up the nerve (and the energy!) to block it.

I followed the pattern’s blocking instructions exactly. and wow.
The somewhat wonky holes opened up to circles, the edges are flat and straight and the “haze” turned into a subtle halo.
Spur of the moment, I texted Renie Tuesday afternoon to see if she wanted to get together for a glass of wine. Another neighbor joined us and the timing was perfect to gift the finished piece. Renie loves it.
This is certainly one of the prettiest things I’ve ever knitted. But as much as I’d love to have one myself, I think it will be a long time before I even consider another Kidsilk Haze project!

13 thoughts on “FO Friday | For Renie.

  1. Oh, Mary! It is just lovely. What a wonderful gift. Kid Silk Haze is kind of magical. (But also kind of a pain in the butt.) I just love it. XO

  2. That is so beautiful, and truly a labor of love. I'm imagining Renie feeling as if she's being gently hugged and comforted when she wears it.

  3. This is so amazing and beautiful and lovely and words are not enough. Truly a wonderful gift for your friend.

  4. Oh that came out lovely. I know Renie really loved it not only because it's gorgeous, but all the love and thoughtfulness that went into it.

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