I thought it was going to be a quiet weekend at home, mostly alone, because Marc was playing in the club’s member-member tournament. But Friday afternoon, he shared the itinerary with me – a Kentucky Derby Party Saturday evening and “Championship Shootout with dinner” on Sunday afternoon!

I was glad we had plans to eat in Friday with margaritas and fish taco salads.

Saturday, while Marc played 27 holes of golf, I played around with my “hat collection

and ultimately decided on this one.

It worked great with my black and white dress.

Sunday, while Marc played another 18 holes of golf, I washed my summer hand knits.

And then we met at the course to watch the shootout. Two of our friends made it to the final hole. The championship was decided by a chip out, which was really exciting; our friends came in 3rd place overall.

Dinner turned out to be pizza, my favorite, but not Marc’s – so we didn’t stay long. It was nice to get home early. I made popcorn and we watched Hidden Figures. Have to say, the movie is good, but the book is much, much better!

Holly is always happy to have a lap!

How was your weekend?

11 thoughts on “Weekending.

  1. Oh, Mary. The Hat!!!! I love it! My weekend was nice and pretty relaxed . . . but very cold. (Come on, Spring!)

  2. That sounds like a LOT of golf, but made more interesting with hats and a party! Your golf course is beautifully planted, and I love your shadow-with-hat. Sounds like a pretty good weekend!

  3. You must have been the most attractive lady at that party! What a fun weekend. I spent mine with my cousins also having fun eating and drinking and yacking. Good stuff!

  4. You (both) look marvelous. Your weekend sounds fun, but I'm sure you were happy to have a relaxing Sunday evening. I love seeing cute pictures of Holly!

  5. What fun!! Love your hat and it is perfect with your dress and shoes! Meanwhile, up in PA, it felt like winter. Ugghhhhh

  6. Your hat turned out beautifully! You both looked great! It was a nice weekend here, just enough balance between doing things and doing nothing!

  7. what a fabulous weekend!! That salad (fish taco salad?) looks so delish. I washed all of my summery knits at then end of last summer so they are ready now, but the weather isn't yet.

  8. The hat is awesome. Saturday filled with sewing time with Brenda, the learning about wine schools, and a fun time watching The race. Even managed to get home at a decent hour. Sunday was work- boo- but soo productive too.

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