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yay! joining in – for the first time this week – with Kat (and crew). Here’s how Kat introduced the idea:

Welcome to Unraveled Wednesdays!  

I think this is something we all do rather well – in both knitting and reading. And, while unraveling a book might be less painless than unraveling your knitting – it is necessary occasionally.  

I hope you will join me on Wednesdays and unravel the stories you are reading and share your crafting inspiration – knitting, crochet, spinning, sewing, quilting, weaving, drawing, etc.

Welcome to Kidsilk Haze island. That pile of knitting in the foreground is 9-1/2 repeats of the Polka Dot Scarf  (four balls of KSH on size 5 needles) and about 4″ into the 2nd ball. The pattern calls for 27 total repeats (yippee! I’m a little past the one third mark!) I am finally comfortable enough with knitting this laceweight silk mohair to read a little on the straight stockinette rows.

The thought of any unraveling on this project is horrible (and knock on wood, I’ve been lucky so far), so I’m knitting slow and counting stitches. I haven’t worked on any other projects since last Thursday. Testament to how slow I’m going … and how much other stuff has intervened 🙂 … that I’m “just” this far along.

The book is The Hours. I had no idea what to expect – I didn’t see the movie (but whoa I want to now!) and I never read Mrs. Dalloway. I’m loving it – thank goodness it’s short – just 230 pages – so hopefully I’ll finish it soon in spite of the snails pace I’m reading at. I picked up the audio version of Mrs. Dalloway a week or two back and was thinking I’d finish The Hours before I started it. But I succumbed this morning. I’m just an hour into the recording and all sorts of things about The Hours are making much more sense. I’ll save my reviews of both books until I’ve actually finished them – but so far – thumbs up!

I’m headed out of town tomorrow morning for a girls weekend. Thinking I’ll knit the KSH in the car (my sister is driving :-), but planning to give myself a reprieve once we’re there. Sunshine Coast needs some attention – we’re going to the South Carolina coast and I can only hope we have lots of sunshine.

Thank you, Kat, for hosting us. I hope I haven’t scared anyone away!

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  1. The KSH is beautiful and you're knitting it for a wonderful reason, but this looks like a slow-going labor of love. Here's to lots of car knitting time and absolutely no unraveling!

  2. I, also, read The Hours (followed by Mrs. Dalloway) when it first came out. Short — but by no means an "easy" read. Very intense. (As is the movie. I went to see it with a friend, with plans to go out for dinner and drinks afterward. It was such a downer/so intense, we ended up driving home in thoughtful silence withOUT dinner OR drinks. . . ) The knitting is beautiful.

  3. Beautiful knitting. I have some patterns from back in the 90's for KSH, but have never used it. Interested to read your reviews when you finish the books. And, a girls' weekend sounds perfect. I have a friend coming in Saturday for the weekend and we're headed to a fiber festival!!

  4. I read Mrs. Dalloway in high school and have never read The Hours or seen the movie. Maybe it's time for a re-read & a new read! Safe travels & enjoy your weekend!

  5. A few years ago my book group read Mrs. Dalloway and then The Hours. Even the other way around would be better than not reading Mrs. Dalloway at all! I love KSH, but haven't knit with it for a long time. It makes wonderful wraps and shawls. Good travels and enjoy your glorious weekend!

  6. kid silk haze looks so pretty but I bet it is a challenge to rip out if you make a mistake, eep! Gorgeous knitting!

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