100 Days of Finding Light.

Long story* short, I’m all in for this year’s #the100dayproject. I’m going to explore light – my one little word for 2017.

Specifically, I’m planning to fill in this blank

Monday morning

today and for the next 99 days.

I have three of those “I find light ____” post-it notes – one on my bathroom mirror (above), one in my planner and one on the calendar on my desk.

Today, I found myself feeling lighthearted on the playground. There’s nothing like a spring day with a toddler and a playground.

Tuesday morning

I just checked Instagram and see a few of y’all are participating in this challenge. I look forward to what we make and what we learn … and sharing it.

Here’s to 100 Days!

*Last year, I watched a few folks on Instagram play along with #the100dayproject and I thought “Yay, good for you!” This year, I saw the tags start to show up and thought “ok, another year” and “Yay, good for you!” …until Saturday, when I (finally) read Honoré’s post about April. I had a little time to explore the hashtag and what sort of unique hashtag I could make … and by the time I went to bed I knew I wanted to participate. It wasn’t until Sunday morning, when I watched Ali Edwards’ OLW class video for April, that the whole thing clicked. and OH MY, I love it when stuff comes together like this.

11 thoughts on “100 Days of Finding Light.

  1. Wow, there are an incredible number of incredibly creative people doing the 100dayproject, and you are certainly one of them! I'm looking forward to seeing lots of creativity, beauty, and inspiration!

  2. Great choice and so glad you have joined and that I helped persuade you…perhaps some of that mojo will kick in for me, too! Shine your light on me, please ;-)). Love Charlie: King o' the mountain!Cheers~

  3. I'm tempted to do the challenge but I have so many things going on right now that it would cause more stress than relaxation! I love your idea and you will find the light always!!

  4. YES! Isn't it wonderful when things just kind of . . . line up . . . like that? I can't wait to see where your 100 days take you! XO

  5. I was tempted to sign up for the challenge, but have so much on my plate this month & a vacation next month, but I look forward to following along.

  6. Perfect word for you, Mary! I love it. I was not so planning as you – although perhaps I should have been. I worried I would not be able to add one more thing in, so I fell back to my stitching. Perhaps next year, I will be more creative! XO

  7. You are all going to be fun to watch. The light is a great thing to look for each day and I already like your interpretation.

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