2 movies I’d like to see in the theater.

…I am honestly not much of theater person anymore. I used to be – like back in our just-married days, marc & I would go at least once a month. we’d see a weekend matinee and then go out for pizza and beer. but that was ages ago. I remember seeing ghostbusters to give you some idea exactly how long! or the first year that katie was in college, sara & I had a regular chick flick saturday thing. we’d go to phipps plaza and start with lunch at the tavern (we’d share onion rings, a hamburger and cheesecake) and then see the movie. sisterhood of the traveling pants was one of my favorites.

yep, good times. but I’ve fallen out of those habits and now a movie must really be something special to catch my attention (otherwise, I’d rather watch it at home). and right now, I have only two* must-sees on my christmas list:

harry potter and the deathly hallows. one of my all-time favorite books, and for sure my favorite of the entire series. the movies have stayed pretty true to the stories and I’ve enjoyed the five I’ve seen. last week I DVR’d the sixth and I’m looking forward to watching it with katie before we see the new one.

morning glory. looks fun. sara loves rachel mcadams and diane keaton as much as I do. we just have to find a different place for lunch. sadly hamburgers and onion rings just don’t cut it anymore!
*apologies to Ten on Tuesday for the abbreviated list!
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4 thoughts on “2 movies I’d like to see in the theater.

  1. i am like you…not one for going to the movies, much, if at all. usually wait for it appear on tv…i do think i'd like to see morning glory…for the obvious reason… but i'll probably wind up seeing it on tv or dvd, too…Cheers~

  2. yep, me too. i've seen 2 movies since dec '10. sherlock holmes and toy story 3-both need to be on the big screen first go around. in high school my boy friend and i would see the newest release on friday nights-that's when all the horror flicks were out-my taste have definitely changed!

  3. Hadn't heard of Morning Glory but that looks good. Definitely going to see Harry Potter. Steve and Emma are going at midnight but I didn't think that was wise for me since I'll be teaching the next day. But I'll be sure to see it soon! Just wish part 2 was available to watch, too.

  4. I rarely go to see movies in the theatre (I think the last one was Iron Man 2 and before that Inglorious Basterds) but I CANNOT WAIT for Harry Potter!!

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