10 ways to have a happy birthday.

(I am slightly recovered from yesterday’s red-eye return flight, but not yet to the point of downloading photos – or honestly, even unpacking! – so it will be a few more days before I can blog about the rest of our fabulous trip…thanks to ten on tuesday for providing an easy blog topic for today – and happy birthday, carole!!)

celebratory cupcake and candle to mark my 1st blogaversary

 1. make a wish. I’m a huge fan of blowing out candles – no matter what they’re sitting in (see #2).

2. enjoy cake. or creme brulee. or cheesecake. or berries and sorbet. or pie. in our family, it’s all about having your favorite dessert!

3. share a meal with your friends.

4. count your blessings. look back over the past year and take a few moments to really savor the good parts.

5. indulge. in a favorite food or pastime (or both).

6. connect with family and friends. especially love getting phone calls from my parents and my girls.

7. forget about your chores. this is a day to celebrate, not to do laundry or vacuum!

8. think about next year. it’s good to start planning the “big things” you want to be able to look back on (see #4) – especially if you’re approaching a milestone birthday.

9. smile big and take a picture. so you have a happy photo to mark the day.

10. have fun. do something that makes you laugh out loud.

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