Saving My Life Right Now | Winter 2022.

I first joined in with Anne Bogel’s annual tradition to share what’s Saving My Life Right Now last year. 2021 me noted

The thing I love most about this kind of list is that it captures right now. I’m good about Looking Back. and Looking Forward by saying Hello. and sometimes, simply pausing to name the things that matter today, or in this season, well, that matters most of all. ♥

and 2022 me is full-on ready to embrace this practice of being Present! I did add a few things to the list I journaled yesterday, and now I have a complete ten. small things are making me happy these days for sure!

First, longer days … I snapped that first photo just before 6pm on Sunday. I noticed that shadow going up the stairs and realized it had been months since I’d seen anything but dark at that time.

Second, a new Apple watch. I splurged on the Series 7 (upgrading from the Series 3) and wow. what a difference! The 3 had bugs about how it handled memory and I hadn’t been able to use many apps, store photos, or upgrade the software in months. Now I’m enjoying the full benefits of the watch and I love it! What’s saving my life is raising my wrist and seeing one of my favorite photos when I check the time.

Third, buddy reads, especially with the crew from Fiction Matters. A dozen or so of us started Migrations yesterday. I’m trying to pace myself, but this is a (surprising to me!) page turner. Folks share quick comments/reactions in a thread on Discord and it sparks Connection.

Fourth, stockinette knitting in the round. I might be close to the decreases on my Musselburgh and then I’m going to have to choose another similarly mindless project. Last year me had socks, and this year me is currently stuck on a heel … because it requires more paying attention than I have attention to pay! (maybe this weekend?)

from this morning’s walk

Fifth and Sixth – morning walks … with color!

Seventh (not pictured) – afternoon naps. Sleep has been … elusive these past months and I’ve found that even 20 minutes on the sofa sometime between 1 and 4 makes a big difference.

Eighth (also not pictured) – lists. I’ve been really scattered … lately … and so far, I haven’t managed to drop anything important (*knocks on wood*)

this afternoon in my study

Ninth – feeling OK in my own skin. I skipped a haircut last month, today was the first time in over a week I showered and put on clothes instead of PJs (along with mascara and pearls), and the first time since Christmas I gave myself a manicure. Maybe this is more about feeling like myself again? but I prefer to think it’s me feeling good about being me.

Tenth – I think I’ve found a new grooming solution for Holly. one who makes house calls. and maybe that’s the key to saving Holly (and us!) from a days-long panic attack every eight weeks. We’ll see. and right now, that’s enough!

If you shared a Saving Your Life list today, I’d love for you to share a link in the comments. and if you didn’t, maybe you could share one thing that’s saving your life right now?

p.s. that image at the top of the post? my neighbor’s front yard … this morning!

32 thoughts on “Saving My Life Right Now | Winter 2022.

  1. I do love more light! I can’t say that I notice the extra two minutes or so every day, but about once a week, I seem to pay extra attention to the sunset and realize it’s now setting close to 5:30. Not quite so much darkness is a good thing!

  2. Increased light is a wonderful thing. I ALWAYS notice that in January. “Migrations” looks very, very interesting. Will look forward to your review.

    1. I finished Migrations and wow! I almost don’t want to say anything about it because I went in knowing not much and it was fun to see where it was going. I gave it 4.5stars. Highly recommend!

  3. Increasing light, bird song, but still wintry days are on my list! Some years ago I stopped wishing for it to be “the next thing” and rather just made a conscious decision to be in the season. It is the best thing I have done.

    And confession… I burst right out laughing at pjs pearls and mascara.

    1. pjs, pearls and mascara makes me laugh, too … to be clear, it’s pjs OR clothes, pearls, and mascara 😉 (and today was another clothes day)

  4. I noticed the other day that it was almost 6 o’clock and still a little light out — that’s such a big thing! Seeing flowers starting to bloom somewhere is also incredible to me; until some of the snow melted in the last few days, I hadn’t seen our grass in weeks!

    Short naps have been a lifesaver to me for quite some time now. I often get a little sleepy mid-afternoon, and when I was still working in the office, that meant I had to get up and do some deep knee bends or take a stroll around the office to wake up. Now, I don’t fight it. Usually I just close my eyes for a few minutes, but they make a huge difference.

    1. We’ll be to 11 hours of daylight soon … I can’t wait! and woohoo for Team Nap! it’s amazing how much difference 20 minutes can make.

  5. The daffodils! WOW! (As I look out at 12 inches of fresh snow.) Those are all wonderful things to celebrate, Mary. I also splurged recently on a new Apple Watch. I had version 2 before this new upgrade — so I feel like I’ve landed on an entirely new planet. 😉 Here’s to blooms, and naps, and feeling comfortable in your own skin. XO

    1. 🙂 Thanks, Tina – spring is a lovely, long season here … except for the pollen (which thankfully won’t start fro a few more weeks!)

  6. The returning light is a big lift to my spirit now, especially the morning light. My hellebores are struggling but have blossoms! Also, snowdrops are starting to through up shoots! Spring springs!

  7. It’s light when I drive home from work now and that makes a huge difference in my attitude. Those hellebores are gorgeous!

  8. Poor Holly and yay to finding someone to come to your house. Love those photos of you, so sweet! I have been enjoying the longer days as well – inching our way towards spring time.

    1. Daffodils are one of my favorite signs of spring … it’s mostly 4-6″ green stalks, except for my neighbor’s yard … so more to look forward to!

  9. I also noticed just a little light left right before 6:00 p.m. Those daffodils though – wow. It will be a month or so before we see them here. The afternoon photos of you in the study are very sweet.

    1. It felt a little like cheating – there is something about my neighbor’s yard that her daffodils always bloom EARLY. The rest of the area is just 4-6″ tall green shoots.

  10. What’s keeping me going is that every day brings us closer to warmer weather! I’ve been practicing free motion quilting and while not perfect at least I’m trying something new. Seeing the hyacinths peeking out of the front bed are making me very happy right now as well.

      1. Yep regular sewing machine with a ruler/template “foot”. I have templates as well, but they are proving pretty tricky to work with . . .

  11. This is a lovely post, full of interesting things … sounds hopeful about Holly. Glad you’re happier in your own skin too. And lovely photos of the daffodils and hellebores – our daffs are only just starting to push green tips through the water-logged soil here. Saving my life? My bullet journal.

  12. Oh, those daffies! And hellebores are a real favorite! Kate’s been sharing little glimpses of spring from Scotland, too. It’s going to be a while here, but I’m happy to see it somewhere!

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