Currents | August 2021.

Hello friends, it’s been a stormy day outside (thanks to Tropical Storm Fred) … which means plenty of quiet alone (with Holly) time inside.

And a perfect day to capture a Currents list.

Embracing masks. again. I know. Katie was wearing one from Lizzie Fortunato when I saw her Friday. It might be time to up my game to pearls!

Laughing About honestly not as much as I’d like. Things seem so much more than fraught right now. but really little things, like how reliably Holly runs to the kitchen when the cutting board hits the counter, still make me/us smile.

Wearing OPI’s Malaga Wine on my toes. I went for a pedicure yesterday and was convinced I wanted one last summer shade, until I saw another nail tech come in with gorgeous dark leather sandals and a matching dark pedicure. (I guess I’m embracing fall, too.)

Eating fresh vegetables and smoked meats (Marc tried chicken for the first time yesterday and it was an amazing first try success!) … and still snacking on pretzels and nuts.

Drinking chardonnay (thank you, Sara) and iced tea (thank you Sarah and Katie for the inspiration – Plum Tea’s Rose City Chai is amazing iced!)

Listening to the overhead fans. non-stop. and enjoying that silence. unless I’m listening to an audiobook or a podcast.

Reading the Booker Long List. and being so far a little underwhelmed. I mean every book I’ve read so far has been great – 4 stars. but “just” 4 stars. has anyone read a 5-star on the long list?

Watching Mare of Easttown. Jeopardy. Ted Lasso. Great British Baking Show. we actually finished Mare two nights ago and ALL those other shows are what we’re watching to recover. Mare was amazing. and I’m so very grateful for those other shows as well. [I’m pretty sure Marc & I would’ve switched straight to All Creatures Great and Small, but for some completely unfathomable reason, Sara doesn’t enjoy that show like we do.]

Needing more in person connections.

Wanting a new pair of pants, in a color (not black, white, or denim), and a cut that will look good with cropped tops. ideas welcome!

Wishing for someplace to wear those pants and the sweaters I envision knitting for the fall.

Hoping we can travel to LA in October for Marc’s nephew’s wedding.

Wondering when we’ll start to see signs of fall.

Practicing paying attention. and being curious.

Planning boy birthdays! Our family celebrates four in the space of six weeks beginning September 13 … stay tuned!

Saying Thank You for my knee feeling better and Holly – so much better that I’m no longer counting the nights.

Celebrating the last time I wrote a list like this was on my birthday last November. vaccines weren’t even really a thing, and I couldn’t have imagined how much the world would’ve opened up (and again somewhat closed down) and still. I’m making this journey with family and friends who love me.


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  1. I enjoyed your Currents post. Your reflections inspire me to spend time on my own. The world is indeed fraught so your post is well timed for me.

  2. I really enjoy your currently list – it records such a great snapshot of life right now, in all its hues. The situation in Afghanistan is absorbing our press right now so Covid is barely mentioned even though cases remain stubbornly high. Who’d have guessed two years ago that masks might become a designer item – a pearly one sounds pretty fabulous! How about a bright colour for your pants – coppery tones for autumn?

  3. Your reflection post reminds me of mine that I wrote in my journal a few weeks ago. Life has changed in the last year and a half, and I find it haunting in a way. Enjoy your day….your Holly is adorable ☺️

  4. We’ve got the remnants of Fred with us today, and it looks like it’s going to rain all day long. I’m debating whether I want to go out in it to get my walk in; at least I know I can strip off my wet clothes when I get home if I do, but I think I might need to find a rain poncho in the closet because it’s still warm even if it’s wet and I don’t think I’ll survive the heat if I have to wear my heavier raincoat!

    I haven’t really thought about the Booker long list yet, to be honest, but I do have A Town Called Solace on hold at the library (it’s going to be a long wait — they only have one copy right now). I’m focused on trying to fill up my second bingo card right now, which will be a big challenge but not an impossible one. I might wait until the short list comes out before I commit to reading the list!

  5. I decided to watch the news this morning, and I’m not sure that was a good idea. There are so many awful, terrifying, sad, and scary things going on, but thank you for reminding me that vaccines didn’t even exist the last time you wrote a currents list. Wine, ceiling fans, you and Holly feeling better, and even 4-star books are all good things. Here’s to more laughter!

  6. I’m glad to read that both you and Holly are feeling better!
    The only book I’ve read from the Booker long list is Great Circle and I found it to be a bit of a slog, but the last 80 odd pages were fantastic. I have A Town Called Solace on my kindle and plan to read it once I get through Northanger Abbey and some library holds that are in.

  7. Most books I read ARE 4-star books, so I’m never disappointed with a 4-star rating. 🙂 (I save my 5 stars for only very special books — few, but meaningful.) I’ve read the Booker list books for years and years now . . . usually with mixed results. So far, I’ve only read 3 of the books on this year’s Booker longlist. I really loved Rachel Kusk’s Second Place, but I don’t think I’d give it 5-stars; I thought Klara and the Sun was a HUGE fail; and I gave 4 stars to No One Is Talking About This. I find The Women’s Prize to be the best “line up” for my personal reading tastes.

    1. I’m with you on not enough laughter! Seems as soon as we returned from CO the news is just terrible, work is….work (57 days) and Doug’s been hit with hopefully just bronchitis. Thinking there must be some nice rust color pants out there for you. I’ll got hunt around! Love your currents list. And Mare for the win!

  8. I stopped wearing my mask for a while but I’m back at it. It’s so frustrating, isn’t it?

    And Mare of Easttown — so good!! I was genuinely surprised by the killer. I had someone else in mind the whole time and was wrong.

    Smoked meats – Matthew has been smoking our Thanksgiving turkey the last few days and it’s So tender and juicy — we’ve eaten every morself of it since we started cooking it that way. And now I’m ready for more turkey!

    I’ve only read 2 on the Booker longlist (Klara and the Sun – 5 stars; No One Is Talking about This – Negative 1000 stars — just kidding. I think I gave it 2 stars). I’m on waitlists for The Sweetness of Water and Great Circle.

    And finally: pants. I ordered a couple pairs of Betabrand pants after hearing about them on What Should I Read Next. They are super comfy and stretchy (which might not be as important to you as it is to me!). My favorite was this pair: Mine are a bit longer on me than the pair in this picture. I ordered in black but they also have turquoise. But they have lots of different styles, prints, and colors for you to explore. I think they’re a little pricey but am hoping they last a little longer.

  9. …and now I’m reading about people getting vaccine boosters! So much has happened since November, and so many things remain the same-ish. Looking forward to your birthday celebrations!

  10. So glad to hear both you AND Holly are on the up! Hooray!

    Sometimes looking back to where we WERE with COVID in comparison to where we are NOW gives me hope that we can do better sooner this time. (i.e., with variants…) It struck me driving home from NY that all the rest areas in Nebraska were closed and taped off last sumer; this summer, open and with mask recommendations on the doors. As my kids have become worried about school closures this year, I’ve said to them, “We’ve learned a lot. This is different than last winter, than last fall. We can all do our part and keep this part of our world turning.” (Let’s hope we can!)

  11. hurray for Holly and for her Vet who helped her. I believe inperson stuff will be delayed this year. What a journey! I am so glad I moved near my sister and I can see her and some other family who will be in my bubble.

  12. So much has changed in the past year and we’re bound to see more in another year. Happy to hear you and Holly are much improved and that you’re making plans to travel. May people are traveling and taking care to be safe when they do, but having a great time with family and friends. Smith smokes meat regularly and chicken is one of our favorites (and our neighbors love it, too). I’m torn on reading the long list books. I start one but can’t get into to it (it is due 100% to my headspace right now). I know that will turn around soon and I’ll be back in the saddle. 4 stars is a great book, just not one that “hits the spot”. You know what I mean by THE SPOT, right? 🙂

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