Currents | September 2021.

Well, these last few days flew by. Here’s a brief glimpse of what that looked like though my iPhone camera

scenes from the weekend

and here’s the longer story through another Currents update.

Celebrating SEVEN!! with Charlie and his family and friends this past weekend. (also Saying Thank You we live close enough to be there in person for a two-hour party).

Laughing About how fun it is to have a September birthday at the pool! Our girls had November and January birthdays … we bowled, we skated, we dressed up for Halloween, we never once dreamed of swimming!

Embracing this last stretch of warm (hot?!) days … but oh so much looking forward to highs below 80.

Wearing shorts and sleeveless. still.

Eating leftovers. 20-something me would’ve scoffed to know just how much 50-something me loves leftovers. Marc made meatloaf on Friday and grilled steaks Saturday. With birthday party pizza Sunday, we are still enjoying the weekend cooking!

Drinking the last bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from our wine cooler. I took a course in French wines a few years back and vividly remember the lesson from “White Bordeaux” (Sauvignon Blanc) week: “DYA” – Drink Youngest Available, and its corollary – don’t save it for next year! I also remember that this was the course that taught me to love Sauvignon Blanc.

Listening to audiobooks, podcasts, and fall-inspired Spotify playlists.

Making plans to read the Booker Short List. I’d actually made really good progress on the long list, but turns out it was the wrong half! I’ve only read one of the short list titles. I’m hoping my longed for 5-star read resides in this “other half” 🙂

Watching Come from Away on Apple TV+ (Friday evening) … y’all!! Sara saw the show twice on Broadway and said the Apple production was first-rate. I still find it hard to believe it’s been 20 years …

Thinking About knitting a real Aran sweater. Katie and I swapped text messages on Saturday and maybe she wants one? That bottom middle photo – the model on the left – is the sweater my grandmother knit over 40 years ago and gifted to me in 1979. I’m in awe of her knitting and finishing … and would love to try an updated version for myself – and for Katie!

Wanting some good news. and a good night’s sleep.

Wishing that the swatch I knit for Donner (top center photo) might work perfectly … I knit, washed, and dried the swatch Sunday and I still haven’t measured it. I’m in between sizes, which means

Hoping that my row gauge is a smidge off, and my stitch gauge is dead on. My yarn is supposed to come tomorrow, so I also hope I get the motivation to check that swatch, and do the necessary calculations so I can cast on … tomorrow!

Wondering if those “basics” I’ve been practicing are seeds for new growth – or water to grow something planted deeper that I’m just not seeing.


13 thoughts on “Currents | September 2021.

  1. Happy Birthday, Charlie!

    What a lovely sweater from your grandmother – it has stood the test of time! I can’t believe the Lockwood novel made the Booker shortlist. I was relieved when it didn’t win the Women’s Prize.

    I’m also hoping your Donner turns out perfectly! And I believe that you are constantly growing in the most beautiful ways — and that your planting and watering is working out perfectly. 💚

  2. After reading the Booker lists (and the Women’s Prize, for that matter) for years and years now, I will say that “questionable crap” appears on those long lists. (There was a LOT of that on the Women’s Prize long list this year . . . ) I always say I’m going to hold out for the short lists . . . but usually dabble a bit in the long lists, and it’s the same every time — color me disappointed. 😉 I have wanted to knit an Aran sweater for a very long time — in fact, the oldest yarn in my stash is yarn I bought for said Aran sweater, and I have a pattern at the ready. Someday . . . I keep telling myself. And I can’t believe that Charlie is SEVEN!!!

  3. Well, I have now read one book on the Booker short list — that’s probably a first for me! I do have Bewilderment on hold at the library already, but I’m not sure I’m so keen to read them all before the prize is announced. I’ll see what the library has and make some decisions.

    I’m glad to hear the birthday party was a big success. I never got to have a pool party (March birthday), and obviously my kid, with her mid-December birthday, has never even thought of it. Ice skating isn’t even always an option!

  4. How is Charlie seven?! They do insist on growing up! I used to think The Booker lists were full of good reads, but I’m with Kym, I think there may also be some “questionable crap”! I’m going go try a few on the shortlist and see how it goes. And I love leftovers, too! I rarely know If I’m cooking for two, three, four, or more, so it seems I’ve always got some leftovers. ( John thinks they appear in the refrigerator all by themselves.)

  5. Growing up in Arizona meant lots of pool parties but not so much in the Pacific Northwest. And leftovers have a permanent place in my current meal planning.

  6. I have to chuckle that I’m eating a small plate of lovely leftovers as I read your post, Mary! And I, too, was not a leftovers girl in decades past. (Not til very recently, actually.) I’m a big sauv blanc fan–and I enjoy vinho verdes this time of year, too. (I.e., when it’s HOT!) I know nothing about them–execept they’re refreshing and I love them and they’re probably in that DYA camp, too!? Cheers 🙂

  7. My Mom knit me an aran sweater which while very lovely and detailed. When I put it on it manages to grow to the point where it’s way too big. I kept is cause of all the lovely detail-maybe I can pass it along to Andrew?!

  8. So much fun! Celebrating a 7 years olds birthday could only be full of joy and laughter! I’m headed to the bookstore today, next week (Bewilderment) and the week after (Doerr)! I’m commited to reading the shortlist with you!

  9. Lots of lovely family connection in your photos – and how amazing that Charlie is now seven! My mother-in-law knit dozens of Aran sweaters for the wider family and I have just lifted out for this winter the one she knitted for me. They turn into family heirlooms! (And I’m hoping you’ll say more about your final ‘wondering’ sometime.)

  10. I hope that swatch for Donner works out. I’ve been doing some swatching and pattern surfing myself without having much luck. Soon I hope. These grandchildren do grow up too fast. I think I might still have the pattern book with the same photo of Aran sweaters. It belonged to my grandmother!

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