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Hello friends and happy Friday! Today’s TGIF is a celebration of a milestone birthday … yesterday was my 60th! I started thinking about this birthday a few years ago, wanting to be “ready” – I embraced my gray hair, explored new volunteer opportunities, figured out “retirement” with Marc, navigated a pandemic, and loved figuring out how to be a mom to two on-the-ball women (and especially loving that they both live close) and Marmie to two ball-playing boys. It was all good practice … and still, these past 12 months served up lessons I couldn’t prepare for. I had to live them. and it’s starting to feel like all of it has put me in the place I wanted to be … ready to embrace this new decade, with grace, curiosity, and love.

I’m so grateful for all of you who are still reading in spite of my very sporadic posts of late. This community inspires me to reflect on my life in new, different, and often fun ways. This blog has seen me through much of my 40’s, all of my 50’s, and I’m looking forward to where this next decade takes me.

Here’s a fun look at this past week, full of family, friends, and celebration.

It started Sunday with a pizza dinner celebrating all our October and November birthdays:

October birthday boys Sam, Rob, and Marc and November birthday girls Sara and me

Monday morning was bright and chilly and felt like the perfect opportunity to try the park with Lucy (the photo at the top of this post is from that walk). She loved it! We returned for a longer walk yesterday morning while Lauren and I enjoyed a long catch-up phone call. It was the best way to start my birthday day!

Wednesday evening, my neighbors Renie and Michele gave me a very warm welcome to this new decade. I’m so grateful for friends who lead the way! Lucy and I were up way past our bedtime; and she fell asleep on Michele’s sofa which made it easy for me to just relax and enjoy the conversation. Gosh, it’s been way too long since I’ve done that!

Today Lucy had her 4th set of puppy shots – she’s 14 weeks old now and I think I can safely say she sleeps through the night and knows to do her business outside. Those sleepless crazy days of early October feel like more than mere weeks ago. and she still doesn’t like to pose for photos.

The girls in my family are gathering here tomorrow for one final birthday celebration. Family who are friends … who live close enough to gather for an afternoon. It’s good. Sixty is off to a fine start!

Wishing y’all a safe weekend … be warm!

birthday flowers from Steve & Lydia

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  1. “…all of it has put me in the place I wanted to be … ready to embrace this new decade, with grace, curiosity, and love.” Beautiful and inspiring. JUST LIKE YOU. Happy Birthday, Mary!!
    (And you are wearing my favorite sweater of yours in those shots with you and Lucy!)

  2. Happy Birthday! Your celebrations look wonderful… and I am in awe that there are more to come. You are one loved woman. Enjoy it all!

  3. Your work to move smoothly into your 60s paying off! How wonderful to have your constant companion (Lucy) be a great way to start out. There is so much joy in this post and so much joy in your family. Sending all the good wishes for a fabulous decade ahead!

  4. I am delighted to hear about all the celebrations in your honor! I hope all of these good times are just a taste of what’s to come. Here’s to 60 and many more!

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday! It’s so wonderful you have your family close to you to celebrate! I’m sure you enjoyed every moment.

  6. Happy birthday, Mary! XO I’m so glad you can celebrate this special birthday in such grand style — and surrounded by people (and dog!) you love.

  7. Happy birthday!! Glad Lucy ‘gets’ the potty routine, that is a relief (no pun intended but pretty darn funny). May you have many more birthdays ahead filled with good health and lots of happiness.

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