Hello, Monday!

…hello one of my favorite days of the week – because you’re all mine!

I was up with my alarm. Coffee, email, Instagram (love all the ♥ on yesterday’s Charlie photo), planner, devotion, journal…and by 6:35 I was out the door for a four-mile run/walk with Lauren. Then a quick yoga stretch routine, a short walk with Holly (it was starting to rain), housekeeping, laundry, a shower…

…and a nearly two-hour FaceTime call with my friend Diane. While we chatted about all sorts of things, I finished square #11 and made a good start on square #12.

I’m headed to Florida Thursday to spend the weekend with my folks (my mom’s birthday is Sunday – yay for in-person celebrations!) and I’d planned to take the afghan, but I think I’ll have the knitting done – or nearly done – before I go. Since sewing up 16 squares is not a travel project…I’m going to treat myself to three skeins of the new-to-the-shop Woolfolk FÅR and knit Pure. Not that I needed any (more) justification to abandon all my recently organized stash, but next week’s newsletter is about the Woolfolk yarn and I think we need a beautiful FO to showcase the yarn. #amiright?

Which means I’m going to finish up here and head to the shop. Nothing like the promise of a new project to get me moving. And nothing like a rainy Monday to make an afternoon at my LYS sound like heaven.

Hope you’ve got something lovely in store this week, too!

6 thoughts on “Hello, Monday!

  1. #youareright! I will finally finish Color Affection in the next two days. We've had company for a week so…Happy Monday Mary!

  2. Hello Monday to you, too! You've done *alot* in just half a day! Loving Chalrie's afghan…and yes, I think starting a *new* project to showcase the yarn is a win in my book! Go for it! Rain you say – bring it on! We're sweltering in these parts! BTW: what time are you getting up these days?!Cheers~

  3. What a productive Monday! I'm loving those blue squares in Charlie's blanket. An afternoon in spent in the lys sounds like heaven, rain or not!

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