Tuesday with Charlie | Action!

…we had a day filled with all sorts of action – and I finally managed to shoot a few short videos on my phone to share*with y’all!

First up, his favorite “Where’s Charlie?” game.

then Muppet Arms!

…and finally – steps. Today was the first Tuesday he really walked. Thankfully he “really walked” at home for his mom and dad over the weekend, so this was a joy to see…and share!

*sadly, turns out sharing videos on my blog isn’t as easy as I thought it would be! I started this post three hours ago…and now I’m finally going to sit back with a glass of wine, a bit of knitting and some HGTV…and relax!

9 thoughts on “Tuesday with Charlie | Action!

  1. Feedly told me you had posted 3 hrs. ago, and I was completely excited to see muppet arms and steps, so I'm very glad you figured out how to share the videos! Charlie is so adorable in photos and even more so in hide and seek, muppet arm waving, and walking action!

  2. Hey, Mary! Just catching up with your blog today! That Charlie! So dang cute!! Hope you're enjoying your family visit and happy birthday to your mom!

  3. I was just watching Junah at the children's museum and thinking to myself how sure he is on his feet, quick turns, on tip-toe (when he's excited), RUNNING & JUMPING… it sure doesn't take long! (I think uploading videos should be FAR easier than it is!!)

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