four weeks from now.

…my sister karen and I will have completed our sixth 2-day walk together. that’s 180 miles walking through the streets of atlanta to raise money to help those affected by breast cancer. this is the 10th anniversary of the walk and I am amazed by what it’s the journey has accomplished in those ten years ($8 million dollars!!)…and so proud to be a part of it.

karen & I before the 12 mile walk (no “after” photo, but I promise we were still smiling!)

this past weekend we completed our last training walk. 12 miles. the longest one ever.

from RunTracker. love the app, but I need to remember to wear my glasses when I start it, so I choose the right options and can track the whole walk in one piece!

plenty of hills. a few bathroom breaks. lots of water. we felt pretty good at the end. (of course knowing we were done, and didn’t have eight more miles that day, plus 10 the next day probably helped!) and more ready than we ever have been. not only because we’ve logged over 40 miles of training walks.

mostly because we’ve exceeded our fundraising minimum.

and when the matching gifts come through, we will have exceeded our fundraising goal. thanks entirely to the generous support of our family and friends. thank you all. we love you!!

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