…my one little word for 2011. because I’ve lost mine (or maybe things have simply changed a lot since I last had it?) and I miss it. I chose this word to help me find it again and devote the proper attention to whatever it might be. I also love the photography references and I hope to improve the focus of my photographs.
lofty objectives. certainly the biggest ones I’ve ever had for this project. honestly it’s a bit scary. but I’m welcoming the challenge. inviting discovery, joy, surprise, devotion, commitment, study, learning, accomplishment and delight.

to help me, I’ve signed up for ali’s on-line course. most of my work for the january prompt is done (I still need a photo to document the beginning, and now that the sun is going to be out for a few days I’m sure I can get one – in focus!). I’m really pleased with what I’ve created…and the work that went into it has helped me define where I want to go. and that is always the best place to start!

my album materials have been shipped – this baseball card holder is temporary! (I hope the actual materials fit the cards better)…and after much deliberation, I’ve decided to use basic grey’s urban couture collection for the patterned papers (yes, “real” paper!). I love the colors and the design and I’m really happy about using something I already have!

a closeup of one of the cards…I had a great time poring over magazines looking for words and images that evoke FOCUS

3 thoughts on “focus.

  1. I don't think that you've lost your focus – I just think it's changed. I'm still hoping you find whatever you are looking for, and I look forward to hearing about it as this unfolds this year.

  2. i look forward to seeing how this develops. i agree with sara i think as our children get older, our focus does change and that's okay. i think my word for 2011 is "no"- especially to anything that's going to distract me from what i know i'm called to do.

  3. how creative! i look forward to following this as well. and maybe you can focus your camera lens on some great pics for the big snow/ice storm of 2011! :)-

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