Smitten with Autumn Colors.

Happy Tuesday friends! We’ve had some gorgeous weather this past week – blue skies, chilly nights, and sunny days warming to the 70’s. The colors and textures are stunning. And … my Shifty Pullover (Ravelry link) is finally showing progress … more colors and texture! I’m smitten! When I chose the colors for this sweater, I really didn’t have “autumn” in mind at all … but these are certainly colors I’m seeing outside. and now I’m wishing I had a brighter blue, and maybe a pink?! …maybe next year! Continue reading Smitten with Autumn Colors.

TGIF | Mid-September.

It’s been a while since I paused on a Friday afternoon to share a post through the TGIF lens … I’ve been thinking all day about the T-G-I-F and this afternoon it all came together. The title says “Mid-September”, but this is really “September 17”. Thinking about … stories. I keep seeing a theme in the books I’m reading this year about who tells the stories and the stories they (get to) choose to tell. memory. power. privilege. history. I’ve come to a whole new appreciation for memoir and unreliable narrators. My church has been hosting a seminar on “Story … Continue reading TGIF | Mid-September.

Same Old Stuff.

Wow. It’s Tuesday. again. funny how that happens every single week, isn’t it? you’d think that posting just twice a week would give me plenty of stuff to write about. sometimes it does … and sometimes, all I’ve got is the same old stuff. Since I last shared my knitting, I’ve made noticeable progress on The Classic (ravelry link)The body is slightly cropped, so I’m about 2/3 through … with a lot more twisted rib – this time knit flat – to finish. (and then sleeves – you can get some idea of how much knitting is left by how … Continue reading Same Old Stuff.

Needing a Boost.

Thank y’all for being such a lovely boost for my spirits about my knee (and other stuff) … every single comment and email was a most-welcome balm for me feeling like these poor daisies , rained on for days, (photos from this morning’s walk) and then of course feeling bad about feeling beat down with a little injury when there are so many other things that are So Good … (thank you And). After this morning’s walk I caught up on a few blogs – much more boosting of the spirit there, thank you connections through the internet! and gosh, … Continue reading Needing a Boost.

Savoring Life along with Transcendent Kingdom.

I finished Transcendent Kingdom this morning. I loved it (just like everyone told me I would) and I’m glad I took it slowly, savoring the writing and the story. I was incredibly invested in a good outcome for Gifty and I think she got that, so I was pleased with the ending. I was almost angry enough with the “theology” she encountered to throw the book across the room. gah! It’s so real, and so harmful … gah! I also really appreciate Gyasi’s range as an author – and she’s only on book #2! There are certainly some common themes … Continue reading Savoring Life along with Transcendent Kingdom.

How to Savor a Book.

I mentioned in my last Reading Better post that I had been devouring books, reading many of them in a day or two. and I continued that pace into this month. The combination of good books, bad weather, still staying home more than not … I’ve been reading more than just about anything else. Saturday was a perfect case in point. I finished a book on Friday afternoon and had mostly caught up on podcasts by that morning. Marc was playing golf (Sara was in New York!) and I planned to spend some alone time on the porch with Unsettled … Continue reading How to Savor a Book.

TGIF | One Without Books.

That’s right y’all … I’m writing a post without any reference to books because I have a book-filled update to share this weekend 🙂 Thinking about … finally starting that half-square triangle quilt … it will be my first attempt at a quilt (well, at one I actually think I might finish!) Grateful to … Juliann for the encouragement and advice. She suggested Red Pepper Quilts’ Retro Half Square Triangle Quilt pattern to begin. It is a very beginner-friendly pattern with lots of photos and techniques. I purchased this fat-eighth bundle (birds! flowers! those colors!) from Fat Quarter Shop back in April … Continue reading TGIF | One Without Books.

A Short Joy List.

Last month I shared a list of ten (or eleven? 😉 ) little things that sparked joy. It was a delightful post to write and I loved reading all your joyful replies. In that same spirit of taking a moment to pause, pay attention, and name the delight, here’s my mid-May version: A new Sunday morning running routine (church at 9am means time for a short, early workout … a solo run to the lake and back is perfect). Porch time. Longer days (today’s sunrise was 6:32 am and sunset is 8:33 pm – we are officially past the 14 … Continue reading A Short Joy List.

That’s More Like It!

Y’all … I think my sweater knitting mojo is BACK! Thanks to two mini-KAL’s, I have two sweaters in my “next up” queue that I am excited to knit … and that pushed me to finally make progress on Long Love.Yesterday I picked up stitches and started knitting a sleeve … and today I caught up on a few podcasts and finished that tubular bind-off for the body. I still have a ways to go, but the sleeves are short(er) because of that drop shoulder construction so I’m thinking maybe next week?! I do love that after all this time, … Continue reading That’s More Like It!

Noten (finished).

Yep, done! and it turned out beautifully. the colorblocks and subtle colorwork. the shaping – those pleats just below the high bust might not work for everyone but they do for me! and the yarn … it’s next-to-skin soft. Sadly, though, this knitter made a big mistake and put it into the dryer. and felted it. I have zero excuses and cannot even put myself back in that Friday afternoon place when I thought it might be a good idea to put very wet merino wool into the dryer. even on a low setting. even for “just” 30 minutes. but … Continue reading Noten (finished).