Hello, friends … yes, I’m back home … and slowly adjusting to “real life” again! Coming back to a weekend helped a lot. Marc made sure there was plenty of salad and the weather gods finally sent us a breath of cooler air. I’ve enjoyed wearing different clothes (especially clean ones) and re-discovering a few of my favorite things. This was my view Thursday evening … shortly before the Braves lost 😦 and also shortly before heading to my own bed and my own pillow 🙂 Friday morning I walked to the lake. It’s as pretty as I remember. and … Continue reading Home.

Late August Weekending.

When Sara and I FaceTimed yesterday, she told me how nice it was to have a quiet weekend; this was her first weekend since mid-May that wasn’t full of travel, work, entertaining, moving, or settling in. It has been a very full season for her. not so much for me. but still. I did enjoy my quiet weekend, too. Here are few glimpses into what that looked like. Friday night snacks – prepared by me. Saturday night’s dinner – now that we’re back to College Football Season – looked much the same, except that it was prepared by Marc. Picture … Continue reading Late August Weekending.

July Weekending.

Hello friends and Happy Monday! I’m glad to share a few bits and pieces from the weekend. Turns out it delicious, fun and inspiring! The delicious part wasn’t all that unusual. We started with Friday Night Snacks, of course.Marc made the pimiento cheese top center and yummm…. Saturday lunch I shared with Katie. She’d visited the farmers’ market for the tarts and fruit and tossed a lovely arugula salad to accompany. As wonderful as the meal was, uninterrupted one-on-one time to catch up was the best treat. Saturday dinner was Marc’s treat for me leaving the house before 8am.I’m sorry … Continue reading July Weekending.

Notes from Sleeve Island.

With a nod toward Sara’s upcoming move, I started re-reading Bill Bryson’s Notes from a Small Island this afternoon. and since I’m still marooned on Sleeve Island, I’m listening. Marc is listening to The Road to Little Dribbling and I expect we’ll swap titles shortly. Sleeve Island is certainly a lot less interesting than the entire island that contains England, Wales and Scotland (not to mention Bryson’s engaging narrative style and the glimpse back to Britain ca 1995). Still … Friday Night Snacks and an episode of Poirot, recorded from our local PBS station. Saturday morning yoga in the park … Continue reading Notes from Sleeve Island.

July 4th Weekending.

Hello friends and happy Monday! …especially after what was – for us! – a FIVE DAY weekend. Yep, we left for the lake early Wednesday and enjoyed a very full day and night there with Katie and her family before driving home Thursday afternoon. I shared three of my favorite photos from the trip with y’all on Friday. Here are a few more …and – of course – a video (36 hours collapsed into about that many seconds) whoa, no wonder we were tired 😉 The pool, the grounds, s’mores, fireworks, and of course the lake … the Ritz does … Continue reading July 4th Weekending.

Weekending in NYC.

Back on Monday, I promised y’all two weekending posts … and before another weekend arrives, it seems like a good time to share our long weekend in New York (also wow! – it’s hard to believe I was getting ready to leave two weeks ago tonight). Marc and I flew up to NYC early Friday morning and came home the following Tuesday evening, so we had 4-1/2 days in the city. This was my third trip there to see Sara … and Marc’s first. I think this was also Marc’s first non-business visit there since … college? and also our … Continue reading Weekending in NYC.

Weekending with the Boys.

Hello friends – it’s good to be back! I have two fun weekends to share with y’all and I’m going to start with the most recent one. Our favorite little boys (and their parents) arrived Thursday afternoon. Katie and Rob had an 8am flight to Charlottesville (one of Rob’s college buddies was getting married) Friday morning and they decided it would be easier for everyone if they spent Thursday night here. Good call. Friday still started dark early, but at least everyone slept. Most of my camera roll is full of video and I compiled 52 of my favorite seconds … Continue reading Weekending with the Boys.


Hello friends and happy Monday! I was sitting with Deena at Starbucks on Saturday afternoon, knitting (of course*) and realized this was the last “normal” weekend until mid-July. What? huh? Yep, next weekend we’re in NYC. then we have the little boys while their parents attend a wedding. and then the Weekend with the Retreat. and then the Weekend just after July 4th. … and then it’s – maybe?! – back to “normal”. With that frame, I have five photos to share: First (of course 😉 ) Friday Night Snacks This is hands down my favorite way to start the … Continue reading Weekending.

Early June Weekending.

It feels good to be sitting back at my favorite spot at the kitchen counter on a Monday afternoon, looking back at photos from the weekend. It feels even better that my email in-box is now almost back to normal, I have my to-do list under control … and I’ve really enjoyed catching up with what many of y’all have been up to since I last visited. Following the 90+ degree temperatures we “enjoyed” through the end of May, the weekend brought a delightful change. It cooled off a little, the humidity dropped and it was fun to be outside. … Continue reading Early June Weekending.

Memorial Day Weekending.

Hello, friends! I’m just resurfacing after a long weekend full of fun and family* … and it’s good to be back here! My folks started a family weekend getaway tradition years ago (before some of the grandkids who have now all graduated college were even in school) and it’s adapted over time … where we go (closer is better), when we go (Memorial Day seems to be the favorite), accommodations (we like to be close together – a single house is great!) … and these past few years, my mom has been fine-tuning that last piece. Now that the grandkids … Continue reading Memorial Day Weekending.