Late March Weekending.

Hello friends – I hope you managed to find a way to mark the weekend, especially if you have a job or kids at home, and time to rest. This is a time when honoring some kind of Sabbath routine feels especially important. As we progressed through our weekend – Friday Night Dinner (now the one time a week that we sit at the table, with “first-time” food, candles, music and wine), Saturday afternoon cooking shows (we started this habit years ago when we had to pay attention to the TV Guide to find out when the cooking shows were … Continue reading Late March Weekending.

Weekending from Home.

Hello my friends. and welcome to week two of the COVID-19 “sheltering at home” here at mere-et-filles. Five words to describe us right now would be healthy, anxious, tired, grateful and making-do. It feels weird that this seems “best case” and I hope I can say the same thing tomorrow. and the next day. and so on. Looking back over the weekend’s photos, it might be hard to tell that I haven’t left the house (except to walk – every day) since last Saturday – the cherry trees in our neighborhood’s island are glorious. as was the blue sky on … Continue reading Weekending from Home.

Weekending | Our New Normal.

Just looking at the photos from our weekend, you might not even know we were in distancing mode. We are so fortunate to be at a time (and place) of life where we can hunker down at home, with plenty of space, supplies, and company we enjoy … to wait it out.  I have four photos to share today. they’re the only ones I took since I last posted. Here’s Friday. after I shared my last blog post, I lit a candle and sat down to knit. The WIP you see is the sleeve ribbing on the second sleeve of … Continue reading Weekending | Our New Normal.

Weekending for Days.

Is it really Thursday? evening? my calendar says yes, and thankfully so does my to-do list … and yet in my head (and looking back on these photos, my heart) … well, the week is surely just beginning! Welcome to a peek back into a VERY long weekend! The conference I attended on Friday evening/Saturday was, quite simply, amazing. I’m still processing … and expect the content to feature prominently in my next OLW update. The overnight accommodations – aka the “Tieman B&B” – was also 5+ stars. So many Legos (so much imagination). a cold breakfast (thankfully with HOT … Continue reading Weekending for Days.

Weekending with a Snow Day.

Hello friends and Happy Monday! Today’s post is pretty much the complete opposite of the one I shared last week … at least in terms of the weather. We went from this on Friday to this on Saturday. 3″ in 4 hours is a big deal for us. It started about 9am and even the rain was gone by evening. The little bit of snow that lingered overnight disappeared yesterday morning and we had no trouble getting into town to enjoy a belated birthday dinner for Katie. Before dinner we worked puzzles (Sam and Marmie) and played multiple games of … Continue reading Weekending with a Snow Day.

Early December Weekending.

Hello friends and happy Monday! I have just a few quick updates from the weekend. First, Saturday’s Gathering was a big success. I had two “sorry I can’t come” texts Friday evening and another at 6am on Saturday. I dreamed Friday night that we’d have just a handful of women show up. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case – we had about 30 (which is awesome). Rev. Aisha Brooks-Lytle was our featured guest and speaker. She’s a “big deal” in our church because she leads the network of churches in the greater Atlanta area*. Her program was “You Are a Gift” … Continue reading Early December Weekending.

Thanksgiving Weekending.

Hello friends! I hope y’all enjoyed a lovely long weekend, maybe with delicious food and good company and then time to pause and give December a warm welcome (thankfully without snow)? Yep, that was how we did it around here! We celebrated Thanksgiving with Katie and her family and my mom (aka “Gramma”). Katie sets a lovely and very kid (and grown-up kid)-friendly table! The pilgrim hat placecards made another appearance, much to everyone’s delight. Some of us wear our hats better than others 😉 We also colored turkeys. Charlie won the prize for most realistic. and also best post-coloring … Continue reading Thanksgiving Weekending.

Homecoming Weekending.

Happy Monday, friends – I hope you enjoyed your weekend, recovered from Halloween and made a graceful Fall Back. I must admit, my stomach is still very much on DST (as is Holly’s which is weird for a dog who occasionally skips meals), but the rest of our household is enjoying the brighter mornings and burrowing in for the evenings 🙂 We had another weekend with a BIG Saturday and not much else. There were Friday Night Snacks,accompanied by the last two episodes of Modern Love. We’re giving it a mixed review overall, but mostly in agreement that the last … Continue reading Homecoming Weekending.

Birthday Weekending.

One of my favorite things about fall around here is all the birthdays. Beginning with Charlie in September, we continue to Marc, then Sam, then Rob, then Sara and finally me. That makes for a few birthday weekends … and this one was Sam’s. Friday evening we got to say Happy Birthday via FaceTime and see his new guitar. In addition to Purple Dinosaur Biscuits, he also loves Queen (I’m pretty sure that’s all Rob’s doing 😉 ) and has recently seen Freddy Mercury’s performance of We Will Rock You (“Rock Me Out, Alexa”, says Sam). This isn’t a great … Continue reading Birthday Weekending.

October Weekending.

Good morning, friends and happy Monday! Before I dive into the weekend, I wanted to share a special Hello in the language of the Cherokees, who originally occupied the part of Georgia where I live. “Osiyo means more than just hello to Cherokees. It’s a deeper spirit of welcoming and hospitality that has been a hallmark of the Cherokee people for centuries.” What a beautiful greeting and a perfect introduction for our weekend. Friday was full-on sunshine, and full-on smiles … we picked up Charlie late morning and enjoyed a whirlwind 24-hour visit with him. I think this was his first … Continue reading October Weekending.