Waiting and Watching | Week Three.

With all the zeal of the newly converted, “WOW!” or maybe “Whoa, that was fast!” I took these photos yesterday afternoon – maybe 48 hours after I noticed the first bloom on Christmas Day. …and then just for fun, this morning I played around with one of them. I think I like what Waterlogue does with the pictures and the birds even more than the amaryllis. Happy Wednesday! (Week One, Week Two) Continue reading Waiting and Watching | Week Three.

Waiting and Watching | Week Two.

In spite of the cloudy, wet weather, both plants seem to be growing! Still, I’m sure they’re appreciating the sunshine today. I am, too! I’ve got a list of things to do inside but hopefully Holly and I can sneak out for a walk this afternoon. We need to experience sunny high 50’s first-hand…I have a feeling we won’t see weather again like this until next year 😉 Happy Solstice! (Week One) Continue reading Waiting and Watching | Week Two.

Watercolor Wednesday | Waiting and Watching.

in my study Yesterday’s trip to Whole Foods was mostly about picking up amaryllis. We came home with two. The one in front is labeled “white” and has already started to sprout (I took that as a good sign; I also like the fern it’s planted with). The one in back came fully ready to pot (the package included a pot and potting soil) and is a “Red Lion”. Charlie and I made quick business of getting that second one potted. But it took me a while to find a good location for the two pots. The directions say “full … Continue reading Watercolor Wednesday | Waiting and Watching.

Watercolor Wednesday | A Poem.

Monday morning at the lake Much of what I’ve been reading lately (including posts from several of you!) has talked slowing down, taking time to savor wonder of this season. This poem, while not specific to December at all, captures beautifully this idea and my favorite time of day. I hope you enjoy it. The Rebirth of the World A great blue heron flies across the red face of the rising sun, its crook-necked, lanky body unmistakable. Nature has a way of welcoming each new day with singular grace; no two mornings are the same. And I am not a … Continue reading Watercolor Wednesday | A Poem.


…was not where I intended to be this afternoon. I had planned to spend an hour or two at the shop catching up with folks before heading to my sister’s to resume our weekly knitting (and wine) time. But the weather reports were downright scary – we moved from tornado watch to tornado warning, with plenty of nasty rain, thunder and lightning thrown in. Karen and I rescheduled for tomorrow. So home is where I’m staying. Holly is in my lap as I type this. but soon I’ll be back on the sofa knitting. That’s No Tails in the photo. … Continue reading Home.

Watercolor Wednesday | Five Minutes.

Thanks to Kat and Bonny, I’ve been following along with Michelle’s Gratitude Week. Today, she’s invited us to Take some time today to step outside or to sit in a favorite spot in your home. Take five minutes (yes, you can carve out five) and get quiet. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, then open your eyes. What delights you, what shakes you, what makes you say oh my? Five minutes. What struck me first when I read those words was that it wouldn’t be hard at all for me to carve out that time. In fact, those minutes … Continue reading Watercolor Wednesday | Five Minutes.