A Morning with Sam.

Charlie’s dad is on vacation this week, so Charlie enjoyed a leisurely breakfast out with his parents. And I got to spend two whole hours alone with Sam. This is the first time Katie’s left him when he’s been awake; I was honored. She asked for photos and of course I obliged. Look at that tongue. and those blue eyes. I finally got a little smile…which I thought might even turn into a laugh. Sadly not. …and a few minutes later playtime was over. (knitting time!) And one last chapter in the sample knitting saga. Early this morning I wove … Continue reading A Morning with Sam.

Tuesdays with Charlie | Currents.

…from the eyes of a two-year old (who’s 27 months old today)! wearing “my jacket and the hat that Marmie knit me.” loving anything that makes him tall. smiling for his mama. stirring macaroni and cheese. waiting (impatiently) for the cookies to cool. practicing fine motor skills with a new set of beads there was also wondering “where’s Holly?” and feeding her a cookie. listening to Marmie read The Christmas Crocodile*. singing Jingle Bells. playing with a flashlight in the dark corners of the mudroom and the coat closet. Happy Tuesday!! (and thank you all for sharing this Marmie journey … Continue reading Tuesdays with Charlie | Currents.

Tuesdays with Charlie | His Tree.

Nothing can brighten a rainy day quite like a toddler, with his very own tree to decorate. His mama told me he hung all the kid-friendly ornaments on their tree, but after today, I’m not sure I believe her. All their ornaments are certainly not clustered together like that! So yeah, Marmie had to help. (a lot – by the end I was holding up an ornament and asking Charlie where it should go…and sometimes asking “are you sure it wouldn’t look better over here?”) But the end result is wonderful. Have you noticed there’s a certain magic about Christmas … Continue reading Tuesdays with Charlie | His Tree.

Tuesdays with Charlie | Another FO.

It was literally freezing here this morning … way too cold for “just a sweater” – so today you get to see Charlie’s new hat! I finished the hat a few weeks ago and he’s worn it before, but this was the first time I got to see it (on him). Katie told me he liked it, and (not that I doubted her but) I think he really does! He put it on before we left the house and wore it non-stop to wave to his mom (who was “in the phone”) to check out the big (weird) gold acorns … Continue reading Tuesdays with Charlie | Another FO.

Tuesdays with Charlie | Sweater Weather.

Yes! Nothing makes a Marmie-knitter’s heart sing more than a little one asking to wear his new sweater … zipped up. and with the hood on. Good thing it was chilly this morning, because he wore it the whole time. First, for story time – love how well that hood stays put! And then for “coffee” (aka warm milk with a half pump of vanilla in a Red Cup … just like Marmie 🙂 He did take it off for lunch. and nap. but it was right back on – zipped up with the hood on when I drove him … Continue reading Tuesdays with Charlie | Sweater Weather.

Tuesdays with Charlie | A Welcome Distraction.

There is nothing quite like spending the day with a two-year old to take your mind off … other things. Even the sunrise cooperated. This was the view over the lake when I drove to Charlie’s house to pick him up this morning. Yes, I stopped the car and rolled down the window to take the photo (I actually took two 🙂 Second breakfast is always a highlight of our early morning time. Today he ate three clementines, a handful of blueberries and two little handfuls of Cheerios. and proudly told me – between bites – that he was “two” … Continue reading Tuesdays with Charlie | A Welcome Distraction.

Tuesdays with Charlie | A Full Lap and Some Knitting.

I shared this photo on Instagram, but the caption (“full lap … full heart”) doesn’t tell the whole story. First off – it’s huge that Holly and Charlie are both snuggled in the same chair (even with Marmie wedged in between). And the book we’re reading is new (we also read this one) – the latest in the crayon series from Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers. I bought these (actually pre-ordered, way back in August; they were delivered last week) for Charlie to give to his little brother; it’s only fair – right?! – that he gets to read them … Continue reading Tuesdays with Charlie | A Full Lap and Some Knitting.

Tuesdays with Charlie | Pumpkins.

Charlie’s been asking (I’m pretty sure at his mama’s nudging) to get pumpkins. and today we did. I planned a morning outing to a somewhat local (16 miles and a 40 minute drive – is that “local”?) pumpkin patch, but when we arrived, they said it was only open at 9:30 am for “reserved groups”. We could come back at 3:30 pm when they opened to the public. well ugh.  Instead we went to a playground with a big slide “all by myself” he said once we’d climbed together to the top. I raced down the stairs and got to … Continue reading Tuesdays with Charlie | Pumpkins.

Tuesdays with Charlie | Smile!

We started dark early again today with a walk on the greenway (I’m sure Holly is gonna love the end of daylight savings time when she can do her business in the daylight before 8am!) Puzzles seem to be his new favorite activity. This was the fourth (!!!) one we worked. It was a gift from my mom and he was happy to send her a greeting of the finished picture. Monster Trucks! We had to make an emergency run to Costco for hummus. I knew we were out, but I didn’t think Charlie would be asking for it before … Continue reading Tuesdays with Charlie | Smile!