Throwback Thursday | Fifty!

I turned 50 four years ago and I had a most wonderful party to celebrate. Obviously four years ago I was not playing along with NaBloPoMo, because I never shared much about it here. The party was November 16, the Friday before Thanksgiving back in 2012. My folks were already here for Thanksgiving – and everyone else in my family lived here then. Karen hosted, Katie helped and I know the rest of the girls pitched in with flowers and food. It was a completely lovely party and I had a ball. Katie coordinated the decorations, which included birthday photos … Continue reading Throwback Thursday | Fifty!

Throwback Thursday | Kathryn Windham Tucker Museum.

A year ago, we had a little family reunion in my dad’s hometown (funny, I titled that post “Time Flies” and that would also be an apt title for this post – how was that trip 12 months ago?!).  One of the very cool things we did was visit the Kathryn Tucker Windham Museum. Kathryn Tucker Windham and my grandmother (my dad’s mother) were cousins (Grandmother was a Tucker, too, before she got married). I’ve heard stories about Miz Windham practically my whole life. But really, she was the story teller. I own many of her books and added her … Continue reading Throwback Thursday | Kathryn Windham Tucker Museum.

Throwback Thursday | Reflected.

My mind is full of Matthew today. This morning’s Bible study went well, but leading a lesson is always exhausting. and then there’s the hurricane. My mom is in the Tropical Storm Warning zone, far enough from the coast that she’s staying put. My brother drove down this morning so she’s got company. I had lunch today with a friend who evacuated from the South Carolina coast. Many of my friends are hosting evacuees from Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. At this point, it’s hard to imagine it can be as bad as they’re forecasting (and we’re only hoping it’s … Continue reading Throwback Thursday | Reflected.

Throwback Thursday | Zucchini Fritters.

Remember back a few months when we shared favorite foods our mom’s used to make? One of mine was zucchini fritters: Mother had a vegetable garden when we lived in New Jersey (my high school and college years). Of course she grew zucchini and of course there was too much. I remember an entire meal of zucchini fritters…just us…one summer when I was home from college. (that might be the closest we came to a popcorn meal 🙂 I managed to find a few photos of that garden from the summer of 1981 (I was home after finishing my sophomore … Continue reading Throwback Thursday | Zucchini Fritters.

Throwback Thursday | Happy Birthday Holly!

Holly turned seven on Monday. In dog years this is the last birthday when she’ll be younger than I am. Which makes me happy and sad at the same time. I’ve had a very fun time today thinking about this throwback post and all the wonderful memories we’ve shared. 2nd birthday – August 2011 The last time I threw her a birthday party was back in 2011 (when she turned two); she didn’t have much fun even though she did look very cute in her hat!  So this year, instead of a party, I’m writing a blog post. She’s asleep … Continue reading Throwback Thursday | Happy Birthday Holly!