Three on Thursday | Making Me Smile.

Hey y’all, it’s Thursday – almost the end of Week Eight in SAH Time … and I’m happy to be here with Three Things making me smile this week. Thing One.Newleaf is done! and in the time since I took that photo and started writing this post, it’s finished soaking and is now laid out on to dry. (also, fingers crossed my swatch didn’t lie because it’s not at all the width/length I want – yikes!) Thing Two.The morning walks have been glorious these past few days. It’s like we have two Springs here. The first one when all the … Continue reading Three on Thursday | Making Me Smile.

Three on Thursday | In-Process.

Hello friends. We are still safe, well, and staying home. I reassured Sara on Monday night that we were not planning to head out tomorrow for tattoos and massages, followed by a few rounds(? lanes? games?) of bowling. Honestly, Marc and I (and thankfully my family and friends) aren’t planning any changes to our Stay at Home routine … in spite of our governor’s plan to re-open things. Still, the reality of that craziness, combined with a delightfully full schedule of FaceTime and Zoom calls, long walks with Marc, short walks with Holly, regular stuff-around-the-house, audiobooks, knitting, sewing, crochet! … … Continue reading Three on Thursday | In-Process.

Three on Thursday | In Progress.

Today was the first day in two weeks that I didn’t have a single “commitment”. no Zoom or FaceTime. no pressing to-do list items. just me and a whole open (free?) column on my calendar. Pre-SAH, I typically had 2-3 days like this each month … and I’d usually spend them “at home”. maybe I’d take a long walk in the park with Lauren, but more likely, I’d dive into a project (Kon Mari-ing with Marc on Feb 11, or photographing a bunch of clothes for StyleBook on Feb 18). Here are three things I dove into today: Thing One. … Continue reading Three on Thursday | In Progress.

Three on Thursday | Unraveled.

Good morning, friends. Yesterday was an Opera Wednesday and much to our surprise, Manon is FIVE acts, with a run-time of over four hours. My best intentions to share an Unraveled Wednesday post fell apart when it was almost 6pm by the time I got home and walked the dog. So now I have the wonderful opportunity to join both Carole AND Kat with Three Things about my knitting and reading 🙂 Thing One. I am still not finished with Blaer. Seaming sleeves, weaving in ends, picking up stitches and knitting button bands is all taking way longer than I … Continue reading Three on Thursday | Unraveled.

Three on Thursday | Book Bingo!

Yesterday afternoon I finished Dani Shapiro’s delightful collection of essays on writing … and covered my Bingo card. I then spent the next two plus hours updating everything I’d read since early July on Goodreads (you can see all the details on my 2019 Summer Book Bingo shelf here) and that used up the time I’d allotted for a blog post. It was probably just as good I didn’t get to share this update yesterday, because I’ve had time to compile a few statistics: 25 books 11 paperback/hardback, 7 Kindle, 7 audio 18 borrowed, 5 bought, 2 owned already 12 … Continue reading Three on Thursday | Book Bingo!

Three on Thursday | Right Now.

Hello friends and Happy Thursday. I’m delighted to be joining in with Carole and crew today to celebrate Friday Eve 😉  Missing my Wednesday post gave me room for this one and I’m reminded how much fun it can be to switch things up! Things are feeling a little bit crazy in my world right now. Good crazy. but still. I leave for Bristol on Monday. My to-do list is full of things for women’s ministry (which – thanks to no blog post yesterday and very little knitting are now DONE!), getting stuff ready for Sara (nearly done – still … Continue reading Three on Thursday | Right Now.

Good Newses | Thursday.

Hello friends. I must admit, when I dreamed up the idea for this week’s series, I had no idea things could possibly get as negative, and downright scary as they have. I am grateful for the strong, so-much-better-at-speaking-up voices I’m seeing on-line that are reassuring me I’m not alone in how I’m feeling. I can’t say anything better than any of them and all I can add is a hearty “oh yes!”. So I’ve decided that today’s good newses are going to be personal – three little things I’m celebrating today that have nothing to do with anything you’ll see … Continue reading Good Newses | Thursday.

Hope | May 2019.

Like Juliann, the “last Tuesday” snuck up on me, too. So I saved this month’s update for today. and purposefully decided on just Three Things so I could join up with Carole and friends, too. Happy Thursday! First – this visual reminder of my word* in a place where I’ll see it every day … and especially as I journal about hope, gratitude (and life). I think it fits nicely with my word from 2015 (and the continued gift of a calendar with the little ones who prompted that choice). Second – two of the “knitting magazines” (Laine and Pom Pom) … Continue reading Hope | May 2019.

Three on Thursday | A Playday with Sam.

I had the immense pleasure of spending yesterday with Sam – a “just us” playday. I’ve had a few opportunities for one-on-one time with him, but this was our first full day (apart from helping out when he’s sick) since he and his family moved into town two years ago. It’s hard for be to believe he’s now about the age that Charlie was when back then, but the pictures don’t lie! Here we are on our way to Starbucks (for steamed milk and a much-needed second cup of coffee … I left the house at 6:30 to get to … Continue reading Three on Thursday | A Playday with Sam.

Three on Thursday | Georgia Aquarium.

This past Sunday, Marc and I visited the Georgia Aquarium … the perfect activity for a chilly, wet day. This was the first time either of us had been (nothing like being a tourist in your own hometown!) and I think we were both surprised by how much we really did enjoy it. Sorting through the dozens of photos, here are my favorites, neatly organized into a group of three (because Thursday!): We started with the penguins – oh my goodness are they fun to watch! I had no idea starfish came in so many colors. Or that jellyfish really … Continue reading Three on Thursday | Georgia Aquarium.