Ten on the Tenth | Enjoying Fall.

last week’s lake view … those trees are nearly bare now, but wow! Ten on Tuesday is now a monthly thing and I couldn’t be happier today to share my first Ten on the Tenth post about things I’m enjoying this fall. 1. The colors. The trees have put on an amazing show for us this year; it’s nearly over now, but it’s been spectacular. 2. Getting back to knitting wool. I knit a lot of silk, cotton and linen during the warmer months, but my heart belongs to wool. My hands enjoy getting back to it, too. 3. Planning … Continue reading Ten on the Tenth | Enjoying Fall.

Making Room.

I shared a very vague post a few months back about making room for new priorities. After more thought and many difficult conversations, including some hard goodbyes, today marked the end of what I now see as a months-long journey to be home on Thursdays. It started back in May, when I moved my knitting class from Monday nights to Thursdays. The change was good, like I shared in July: Beginning last month, I moved my Monday evening class to Thursday evenings. Thankfully, all my students save one were able to make the change and most were just as happy … Continue reading Making Room.