Reading Better | August.

I added another 24 books to my Read shelf last month, bringing my YTD total to 137 (Goodreads link). My current book journal is going to be full before the end of September at this rate! Here are a few more stats from August’s book journal summary page: two-thirds – just like the last two months – (16/24) were words on a page (I’m pretty sure is the sole explanation for my slower knitting pace!) two-thirds (16/24) were borrowed, one I owned, and seven were purchased (three “new”, and four “used” or on sale). four were non-fiction, including two memoirs, … Continue reading Reading Better | August.

Reading Better | July.

I added another 20 books to my Read shelf last month, bringing my YTD total to 113 (Goodreads link) – and a whopping seven of those (almost one third!) were 5-star reads for me. Here are a few more stats from July’s book journal summary page: nearly two-thirds – just like last month – (14/20) were words on a page – and unlike any month in recent history, none were e-books. 75% (15/20) were borrowed, two I owned, and three were purchased (two “new”, and one “used”). all were fiction – another “unlike any month in recent history” (which I’m … Continue reading Reading Better | July.

Reading Better | June.

I added another 24 books to my Read shelf last month, bringing my YTD total to 93 (Goodreads link) – whoa – I think I hit the trifecta of the pace of summer reading, a nice balance of ears and eyes, and some compulsively readable books! Here are a few more stats from June’s book journal summary page: nearly two-thirds (15/24) were words on a page. 80%(!!!! 19/24)) – were borrowed, one I owned, and four were purchased (three of them “new”, and one of them “used”). 20% were non-fiction – and three of those were memoir. My Reading Intentions … Continue reading Reading Better | June.

Book Bingo | Mid-June.

I know it’s Monday evening – which probably doesn’t count for “weekend” even if you’re retired – but turns out getting my thoughts together around what I wanted to share about books and reading took longer than I expected. Also, I spent several hours with that pretty fabric, more than that with a few books, and I played tennis (yes, it was a most delightful weekend!) I have no photos to share from all that other delightful stuff, but here’s what my desk looked like yesterday morning.That pile of books to the left is library books I’ve read this month. … Continue reading Book Bingo | Mid-June.

Book Bingo Begins!

That’s right friends, yesterday marked the official beginning of Summer 2021 Book Bingo! I love reading all the time, but there is something about summer reading that feels particularly enjoyable. Carole posted last week about her love of reading, and she shared these words “to use a food analogy, books don’t all have to be filet mignon, sometimes you need a cheeseburger and fries.” l commented that I think of summer reading as ice cream and a special bottle of wine … books that are pure treats, and maybe ones I’ve been saving to really savor and enjoy. Summer reading … Continue reading Book Bingo Begins!

Summer 2021 Book Bingo!

Yes indeed – the Book Bingo cards are LIVE and ready to go! Many thanks to all of you who offered up suggestions for the categories and special thanks to Carole for her feedback and testing. If you click on “Summer 2021 Book Bingo” (on the header menu) you’ll get whisked to a page that includes a link to the card generator and all the “rules”. We are getting back to our Summer Bingo roots this year. Books you finish between the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day count for a square. We don’t get to start until … Continue reading Summer 2021 Book Bingo!