A Short Joy List.

Last month I shared a list of ten (or eleven? 😉 ) little things that sparked joy. It was a delightful post to write and I loved reading all your joyful replies. In that same spirit of taking a moment to pause, pay attention, and name the delight, here’s my mid-May version: A new Sunday morning running routine (church at 9am means time for a short, early workout … a solo run to the lake and back is perfect). Porch time. Longer days (today’s sunrise was 6:32 am and sunset is 8:33 pm – we are officially past the 14 … Continue reading A Short Joy List.

Finding Joy in the Little Things.

One of my intentions this year is “more joy”. This morning, I was reflecting on a handful of delightful things that had happened over the last 24 hours … and I was reminded that the simple act of paying attention and naming the delight was an easy way to bring “more joy” into my life. I started a list. At 5:40am I had six things and I decided to challenge myself to come up with (at least) four more to blog about this afternoon. Here goes: I joined the back and the two fronts on Long Love and the pattern … Continue reading Finding Joy in the Little Things.