Three on Thursday | Currently.

from today’s walk It’s nice to be back with Carole and friends! We are slowly getting back into the post-holiday swing of things: 1. The Christmas decorations are put away. The two remaining poinsettias (the big ones in the dining room), baskets of glittered pinecones, Frasier Fir candle and mercury glass trees on the mantel are now “winter” decor. 2. Lauren and I braved the park – just for a lap – this afternoon. I know the “feels like 15 degrees” is warm for many of y’all … but it’s not for us! First time ever – the pond has … Continue reading Three on Thursday | Currently.

Like a Bee.

from Saturday morning’s run Happy to report that I haven’t filtered all my recent photos to black & white. This lucky shot is straight off my phone, although it did take a few tries to capture that bee just still enough to not be a blur. Over the course of those few photos, the bee went in and back out of a half dozen of those purple flowers. My mind’s a whirlwind today rethinking a few plans to make room for a new priority…that I can’t share here until it’s a bit more…formed. I don’t like “busy”, but like that … Continue reading Like a Bee.

Twitter? Pinterest? (why?)

… I’ve been thinking about a “so really, what is twitter? (and why should I care about it)” post all week because yes, for real, item #12 on this week’s to do list is “check in on Twitter.” (and yes, I have underlined and capitalized it on said list). I could have (and maybe should have) also listed Pinterest. I have accounts on both – as does the shop (and I get paid to check in on those two accounts!) but I just can’t seem to get into any sort of … habit with either. I think I’m missing the … Continue reading Twitter? Pinterest? (why?)