Tuesdays are for Poetry.

When HonorĂ© shared a poem by Ted Kooser a few weeks back, I put a few of his collections on hold at the library. One of them finally came in and I picked it up this morning. Flipping through the pages, this poem caught my eye … and then grabbed hold of the rest of me. The holiday season seems to be one where we think a lot about the past. in both good and not-so-good ways. When I first read the poem, an image of me, my brother and my sister, lined up on the hearth of our home … Continue reading Tuesdays are for Poetry.

My Heart in the Sky.

This poem, by Philip Britts (described as a British Wendell Berry), landed in my inbox yesterday morning (thanks to Plough Publishing. I do love their daily emails). It’s a beautifully worded reminder to really live this life. not just the lovely and fun parts, but also the messy, ugly and painful parts. grounded. with my heart in the sky. I hope you enjoy it, too. Happy Tuesday! Let there be not only the roses, Not only the buds of the day, But the noon and the hour that discloses The full flower torn away: Not only the bliss and the … Continue reading My Heart in the Sky.