TGIF | Another Week.

Hello friends and welcome to another almost-weekend! It’s a gorgeous fall day here and Marc is playing golf. I’m listening to an autumn playlist and planning a fall classic* and some easy knitting once I finish this post. Let’s get to it! My running has taken a back seat to tennis these past few weeks. I’ve missed it, but things got shuffled around this week and I realized on Wednesday that I could fit in a run on Thursday. and when Carole shared her gorgeous photos, I realized what I really needed was a run in the park. I hadn’t been … Continue reading TGIF | Another Week.


Growing up, the years we lived in Wyoming (1971-1976), my folks loved taking a Sunday afternoon drive. After lunch, the whole family would pile into the station wagon and we’d set out, with no destination in mind (at least not to my 10-year old mind!). We meandered over mountains and dirt roads (literally), and if there was a stop for ice cream, or dinner, we kids felt truly rewarded. As an adult, I’ve never been much for the Sunday drive. honestly, I’m not much for any kind of driving, and driving without a specific destination is completely foreign (although I … Continue reading Meandering.

Just Life.

One of the most time-consuming things about making the transition from Blogger to WordPress was categorizing my posts (Blogger allows for tags, but not – at least as far as I know – categories). First there was getting my head around the whole category concept. Sara’s “think bigger, Mom” was a huge help (i.e., fewer is better); as was the blog layout I chose which features the categories on the sidebar (and in pink – thank you me! – above each post’s title). Knitting, Food & Drink, Books and Travel were obvious choices. I toyed with Family & Friends, but … Continue reading Just Life.